Saturday, October 7, 2017

Amos 9 : 1-15 (Daily Bread of 5/10/2017)


Key verse 9 :11

Amos had a last vision which concerne the Lord. In this vision Bethel, the temple in which the people adored the golden calf, will fall. Amos proclaimed that God will come after the people.

 1. No survivor will escape again (1-10)

Amos saw the Lord standing on the altar. He then ordered His angels to destroy the temple. The altar, which was supposed to geared towards adoring God, was soiled because the Israelites religious amalgation. Therefore, the day of judgement against this religion will be one of vengeance .God's anger began to spark when the sinners abused His patience by walking over His orders. God will them down to punish them. They will try to flee without finding any place of refuge. There where the dead lie, on the summit of mount Carmel, in the enemy’s country, God will follow them wherever they go in order to destroy them. There God said : I will have my eyes on them constantly and I will dream of their doom, not of their happiness (4b). The God of Israel is the Lord God who created the heavens and the Earth.  Heaven is his home and the Earth His footstool. When He touches the Earth, it crumbles. The once chosen people no longer had any privileges and were seen as Ethiopian pagans. Nevertheless, Amos tried to remind God of His grace by which He saved His people from Egypt. However, God decided to destroy them because of their sins. Nevertheless, He promised to not destroy them completely ; He will them up a bit but the Earth shall not be destroyed (9c). Only those who were sinning shall be destroyed, those who impeded Amos from prophetising.

2. God promises to restore Israel (11-15)

After this last vision, God gave Amos a new one wherein He will restore Israel. David's shaky hut is the only legitimate Kingdom that shall be restored. The other tribes shall be under their control. In any case, after have been deported the two brother tribes will be brought together. Therefore, God will rebuild Israel as it was in the past. He will then take possession of the neighbouring tribes. The day of fertility and of abundance will come back to the country. God will then bring back His people from their captivity in order for them to live in the devastated country. His people will no longer be uprooted from the promised land, the heritage that God promised them.

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