Thursday, October 5, 2017

Amos 8:1-14 (daily bread of 04/10/17)

Key verse : 11,12


God gave to Amos a fourth vision of a basket of fruit. The social injustice in economy was great because of falsification. God swears that he will judge this nation. Amos predicts hunger and thirst.

1. The vision of a basket of fruit (1-3)
The fourth vision was à basket full of ripe fruit. So the time of God's judgment was ripe. At this time, the joyful song of the singers of the king will become complaints, because an earthquake will fall on them and will cause many deaths. The corruption of the people is revealed through their economic life. Their hearts are avide and they abandon morality in business. They trample on the poor and eliminate the weak. They falsify the measures, sell the waste and take the poor as slaves who can't pay off debt even for a mediocre value like sandals. They were cruel and inhumain, so God didn't prevent himself from raising his hand of punishment. God eliminates them out of the country. Their feast of profit will become mourning.

2. They will wander in the desert (10-17)A great hunger will be sent. The poor will always have thirst. God declares the famine in the country, including the wealthy. God heard the prayer of the prophet about punishment of grasshoppers and fire. Therefore, God economically safeguarded the country. But, when the judgment will come, the punishment for the quiet people will be very serious. God says that they will be hungry but not for bread, but for the Lord's word. They will wander here and there to seek God's word but in vain. They surely have the Torah, the book, the Bible. But this doesn't ensure they eat the word, because the servants of this time were blinded, so the people didn't receive any spiritual food. Therefore, their souls continued to dry up. The people swore to idols. But the idols were only mute work of their hands, who couldn't teach them.

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