Friday, April 29, 2016

Daily Bread: 2016-04-28

Ex 32: 15-24
Our generation demand the real leader. We can glimpse a side Moses face to a people fallen into a great sin. He was sorry as a whole goldfish and on the other hand, there was Aaron who was only apologize for the sins of the people. What leader do we need to be?

1. Moses blazed with fury
Moses was coming down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets. He heard the sound of singing. What was the reaction of Moses to corruption and licentiousness of the people (19). What did it after burning the calf with the ashes of the calf? (20) Do you have such a leader kindled his wrath? (Lk 29: 4-46)

2. Aaron apologized
When Aaron received the charge of Moses who asked him the responsibility that he made? He apologized people (21-22). He apologized on fire (24). Can you consider what kind of leader as leader?

Prayer: Lord help us to have a good discernment to be a good leader of this generation. We believe that those who rely on the word of God may be leading.

One Word: The Lord regretted

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bread Daily Thursday, April 21, 2016

I will meet you there

Ex 25: 10-22
Many believers do not know where and what condition they must meet the Lord God. One does not enter into the building to meet the Lord. Learn what state and where we meet the Lord God.

1) God said doing the ark and mercy seat (10-21)
God said to the mercy seat with beaten gold, and this, to put the ark of the Testimony. Two stone plates with the law are the testimony: they represent holiness and God's presence. This is a subject of reflection: what is the meaning of the connection between propitiatory and ark of the testimony?

2) I'll meet you there (22)
The place where we can meet the Lord God is where there is atonement, that is to say grace, and the law of the LORD. The law means the virtue of holiness and a certain level that the believer should have, and the principle that the judge human sin. Grace is a way of salvation by which those who have violated the law can come back. Hb 9: 19, 23; Romans 3: 26, 27.
To your memory, where did you meet the Lord?

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your instruction in the morning, help us to come to the mercy seat

One word: grace and law

Monday, April 18, 2016

Bread Daily Monday, April 18, 2016

Luke 24: 36-53
There was very little days before Jesus ascended into heaven. Jesus teaches us three lessons that we must learn.

1) Jesus repeated the teaching of the Bible (36-45)
After hearing the news of Jesus' resurrection, the disciples were now trembling in secret. At that time, Jesus appeared to them and taught them again the word of the Bible (44, 45). When we learn the Bible, that we become aware, then we can grow in faith.

2) Jesus again taught the word of the death and resurrection
Jesus teaches this truth again that he was put to death for our sins and then three days later he rose again. When we deeply recognize this truth, we can obtain salvation: that is why Jesus repeats this lesson of the cross and the resurrection.

Jesus exhorts to witness the Gospel (47-53)
Jesus speaks to the disciples so they could preach the Gospel, that is to say, repent and receive forgiveness of sins. This message of repentance and forgiveness of sins is obtained, is not given only to pastors and deacons, but this command is given to everyone.

Prayer: Lord, thank you, that you bless this people so that it can receive the teaching of Scripture, and also helps it to accept that you died for our sins and rose again. We are witnesses who help us to receive your power to properly perform this command.

One Word: you see them