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    Monday, January 30, 2017


    Monday, January 30th 2017
    Jeremiah 8:1-23
    It's very humiliating if we compare a man like me and you with an animal or a bird. It's difficult to think about that because we are wonderful creatures of God. But we must fully think about it.
    1. The people are blinded (1-17)
    God makes Jeremiah prophesy about the day of Judgment. The corpse will be exhumed and laid down in front of their object of idolatry. It stinks so much that we prefer death rather than life. There is anomaly in the heart of mankind. If a man falls it's normal that he stands up or that he tries to stand up. But these people don't come back from their bad way, like a man fallen who stays down. The people are blinded so they is less than a turtledove which knows the season to come (7). The religious are corrupted because they say "peace" where there is no peace and they are money-grabbing as the rest of the people. The conscience of the people is paralysed, they don't feel the shame of their offenses. As a result, their possessions will be taken away by the invaders who are on horseback.

    2. The prophet cries (18-23)
    The prophet Jeremiah is a prophet who cries a lot. He sympathizes with the pain of the people. The daughter of the people who has gone off with the ennemy makes a complaint, maybe on the edge of the river of Babylone. "Is the Lord not in Zion ?" (19). It seems that the delivery is far and never comes. The heart of the prophet is torn thinking about the suffering and the illness of the people, so he cries: " Is there no balm in Gilead ?". Jesus is our balm in Gilead, he bandages our wounds. By his death and his resurrection, he brought our soul to the healing.
    Prayer: Lord, forgive to the people so much blinded. Without tears I am unhappy. Help me, that the tears flow from my eyes every morning.

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    Saturday, January 28th 2017

    Jeremiah 7: 21-34

    key verse: 22

    It's important to know what God wants from us. Israel buried itself in fake ceremonial religion. 

    1. Add to that (21-28)

    God tells Jeremiah that the people add more and more burnt offerings. But it's not what God wanted, since the people's hearts are so hard, such that they listen to no counsel. They are like a deaf and dumb person who never hears the words of others. The only counsel he receives is that of his own heart (24). It is not astonishing, because he practices what he learns. Their fathers have done the same. The order that God gave was not for burnt offerings, but obediance to his word (23). The faithless repeat their ceremony, thinking that through this repetition they will be saved. It is, however, a false religion. It's what God hates. The way of true happiness is to listen to God's word. 

    2. Throw it (29-34)

    One could very well cut his hair or sing a lament, since God has decided to judge. Idolatry is the ugliest thing in God's eyes, though the people practice it without concern. They bring abominations into the holy place and they practice in all open spaces that were once holy. God will overturn all idolatry. The valley where a festival to Baal is celebrated will become a valley of carnage where birds will feed on dead bodies. The end of disobediance is the country's total ruin. 

    Prayer: Lord, help me to discern what you want me to do and practice. The end of disobediance is ruin. I will from now on walk in your absolute obediance.

    Bottom line: listen to my voice

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    Thursday, January 25th 2017
    Jeremiah 5:1-31

    Jeremiah prophesises the big calamity to come because of Israel's sin.
    1. There is not one righteous man in Jerusalem (1-13)
    God looked in all Israel to find a person who does justice. But it was useless, because all Israel was corrupted. They persisted in their stupidity, so Jeremiah thought that it was because they were ignorant and he comes toward the erudit people. But the result was the same. The religious leaders didn't receive the lesson and became corrupted. They commit adultary without shame. They fell into unbelieving and denying God (12) and pride from their security.
    2. I am bringing against you a nation (14-31)
    Because of sin, God will now make a cruel nation come from the north. All trees and children will be devoured. Why was this calamity ? God says that it's because of infidelity, because they had abandonned God. The incoming of the sea is powerless because God limits it so it can't overflow. But the Israelites have no limit in evil. They didn't fear of the Eternal God and they exploit his kindness. The people became fat and wealthy, but they persecuted the poor, trapping them. Will God intervene and take vengeance ? The prosperous country will be desolated and there is no hope.
    Prayer: Lord, help me to be the man that God seeks and uses. Help me to fear the Eternal God, even if the world become more and more impious.
    Bottom line: a man is sufficient

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    Saturday, January 21st 2017

    Jeremiah 2:1-37

    key verse: 13

    1. They did not say: Where is the Eternal God? (1-22)

    Through the exodus, Israel was engaged to God, but in the promised land, the people did not ask: Where is the Eternal God? The corrupt religious leaders did not ask: Where is the Eternal God? They sought other gods and led the people astray. Ignorance is linked to ingratitude. Their guilt was two-fold: first, they abandoned God, who is the source of living water. After, they dug faulty wells which didn't hold water and became nothing but idols. They went and allied themselves with the powerful nations of the world (18). They must understand that it is not good to abandon God. They changed their manner towards God (21). In vain they tried to scrub their dirty hearts clean, for they would not repent. 

    2. They teach their behavior (23-37)

    He engaged them to him and planted them like a fertile vine, but they made idols and bowed before them. Thus, all became corrupted, from the prince to the beggar. However, idols are vanity and can do nothing. The people persecuted God's servants (30), they were liberal-minded (31) and completely forgot God (32). Then they made a schoolbook of their idolatry (see Romans 1:32). After that, they pretended to be innocent. The Eternal God will judge, and they will be ashamed of what they relied on. 

    Prayer: Lord, do not let me lean on what is vanity. Turn my ears to what is true (4,31). 

    Bottom line: listen and consider.

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    Monday January 23rd 2017
    Jeremiah 3:1-25

    1. The people of the north and south prostituted themselves (1-11)
    God had warned Israel about their stain but they didn't listen. Then, treacherous Judah followed their example. In all the high moutains and under every green tree both people prostituted themselves committing adultery with stone and wood.
    2. They repented (12-25)
    But God called the people to repent while they were in the promise country. But they didn't listen. God promised to forgive them if only they recognized that their conduct was bad (13). God promised to send a messiah who will be a shepherd. Return, O rebellious sons, says continually God. So, in a far future, when they will come back from captivity in the countries of the north, they will recognize their guilt and will receive love from their shepherd and they will confess their sin. At this time, Jerusalem shall be called the throne of the Lord (17). Both peoples will walk together and will recognize the guilt of their fathers and their own guilt. They will confess that only in God there will be salvation.
    Prayer: Lord, protect me from prostitution with vain things and help me to continually repent for my sins and confess that only in you there is salvation.
    Bottom line: only in you is salvation

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    Friday, January 20th 2017
    The main theme of Jeremiah's book:
    After the end of the kingdom of the north, a century has passed. When God calls Jeremiah to prophesy, the kingdom of the north is dangerously threatened. During forty years Jeremiah will warn the people and implore them to come back to God with obedience and confidence. But the people will not listen to him. The people have turned their head from God... and Jeremiah will be only a witness of the realization of the threats: the destruction of Jerusalem.
    Jeremiah 1:1-19
    What we must fear is fear itself, said a great politician. The prophet Jeremiah must face up to two kinds of fear.

    1. Fear of himself
    Jeremiah worked for the oracle of God during the last years of Judah. God called Jeremiah when he was young. Before the birth of the prophet, God already wanted to establish him as prophet. Before his birth, God had already consecrated him. It's a formidable thing to Jeremiah and also to each one of us. But God's will to call a person is irrevocable. Jeremiah feared because of his heavy tongue, he didn't know how to speak and above all he was a young man. But he had nothing to fear because it's God that will give his word in his mouth.

    2. Fear of the people
    Dieu make Jeremiah see two visions of the early almond tree and the bubbling pot toward the north. It was a prediction of the catastrophe which will come from the north. God establishes Jeremiah as spokesperson of God. When Jeremiah though to this message he fears the people because they were arrogant and very idolatrous. But he must not fear because God will be with him to deliver him. The ennemy will make always the war against God's people because they rejected their message. But God will deliver them.
    Prayer: Lord, thank you for your great will for me. But I am so weak. Fortify me to accomplish your will and transmit your message.
    Bottom line: don't be afraid

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    January Wednesday 18th 2017
    Romans 8:18-30

    We are delivered from the law of sin, now we can call God "Abba, Father". Then, our earthly hope moves to the sky.

    1. There is no comparison between the present time and the heaven (18-27)
    Life on earth is full of scrubs and thistles. The suffering seems to us tobe insurmountable. But it's really nothing if we compare it with the glory to come. So, we have the living hope which doesn't become corrupted (1P 1:3,4). It's a day of full deliverance that we wait for during our life on earth; we will be delivered from all servitudes and we will be glorified by God. In this meantime we sigh, not only ourselves, but all creation which has fallen because of the first man. We need to pray in this world. We do not know how pray. But God sends us the Holy Spirit to sound out our heart and address our deep desires. 

    2. They are predestined (28-30)
    In this anxious and troubled world, God is for his people's part and God works in favour of his people. Even what is bad takes a good turn for those who are called according to his purpose. It's the theology of Paul about predestination. We sigh from pain in this world. But according to his great purpose, God turns all things in the universe to the advantage of his children and calls them, justifies them and finally glorifies them. God in advance knows those that love God.

    Prayer: Lord, thank you for giving me hope that after the journey on earth, I will gain your kingdom. Help me to be strengthened in your purpose for my salvation and your glory to come.

    Bottom line: the glory of Redemption is for you


    Thursday, January 19th 2017

    Romans 8:31-39

    key verse: 31

    If the sky represents the coming glory, then the earth represents the victory to be claimed. Paul reveals to us the mystery of the present victorious life, that which is within everyone's reach. 

    1. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? (31-35)

    From the moment Satan tempted Eve, the world has been in a continual state of temptation. In the same way Satan made Eve doubt God's love, he also plants doubt in every generation of mankind. Yet Paul cries, "Who shall bring any charge against God's elect?" It's true that the elect are just men and they have many faults. But God is always on the side of his elect. He forgives their sins and gives them a living hope as heirs of his kingdom. Man is searching for proof, but it is already there: God did not spare his one and only Son and sent him to die for sinners. There is no greater proof or miracle than that.

    2. We are more than conquerors (36-39)

    The Christian faith creates misunderstandings and consequently, Christians experience much violent persecution. Yet, we should not be afraid, since he who loved us through Jesus' sacrifice is living and always at our side. Nothing, neither death nor angels nor creatures can separate us from God's love. It is sealed by Jesus Christ's pure blood.

    Prayer: Lord, thank you for loving me in spite of my state. You make me a conqueror, for you have died and risen from the dead.

    Bottom line: more than conquerors


    Tuesday, January 17th 2017

    Romans 8:12-17

    key verse: 15

    The Spirit of God makes us free, but what does he do concretely? What must we do if we are in the Spirit?

    1. The Spirit of adoption (12-15)

    Paul says that even if we are saved, it's important to live by the Spirit. We can no longer live according to the flesh if we are saved. We must fight against the flesh and let it die by the Spirit. Then we will live through the life God has given us. The Spirit guides us and makes us experience true freedom. Before, we lived in fear of God, since we are descendants of Cain, but now we are no longer in fear and we have the confidence to say to God, "Abba, Father".

    2. Fellow heirs with Christ (16-17)

    It's not just a happy feeling we get when we call God "Father". Instead, it's a clear conviction given by the Spirit of God (16). Being children of God, we also know that we are heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ. The Spirit testifies to our living hope in the kingdom of God. However, Paul says that those who suffer with Him wil have this hope.

    Prayer: Lord, thank you for adopting me as your son/ daughter. Help me to suffer with you in order to be with you eternally as an heir.

    Bottom line: Abba! Father!

    Tuesday, January 17, 2017


    Monday January 15th 2017
    Romans 8:1-11

    Paul indefatigably fought against the law of sin in his body, but finally he cried "I give praise to God through Jesus Christ our Lord". This fight is for all mankind. And this deliverence is for all people.

    1. There is no condemnation in Jesus (1-4)
    In Jesus there is no condemnation for all who walk according to the Spirit. The mercy of forgiveness comes from the action of the Holy-Spirit. It's the Spirit who gives life; the flesh does not avail, says Jesus. By the Spirit we are delivered from our sins and we become God's children. The law of sin does not dominate us, we feel the real freedom. Actually God condemned sin in the flesh through Jesus incarnated and dead. We are justified in him and now we walk according to the Spirit.
    2. To set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace (5-11)
    How can we walk according to the Spirit ? What is the difference between carnal men and spititual men ? These who walk according to the Spirit are led to life and peace, and those who walk according to the flesh are led to death, they are the ennemies of God, they can't be pleasant for God and they don't belong to him. But those who walk according to the Spirit don't die, they will be resurrected the last day, because it's by this Spirit that Jesus was resurrected.
    Prayer: Lord, thank you for the deliverence from condemnation in you. Now make me walk according to the Spirit, to have life in you.
    Bottom line: there is no comdemnation in Jesus

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    Friday January 13th 2016
    Romans 7:1-6

    The french revolution in 1789 changed the previous regime to give birth to a new regime. But this regime was called the terror. Politic changes. Jesus changed our regime but this regime is full of peace.
    1. Law governs the ancien man
    Law governs the human during his life, as all the citizens must observe the law of their countries. But if they come in a other country they must observe the law of this other country. God's law applies for all during their lives. There is no frontier, because God's law is universal. For example, you will not steal, you will not commit adultery applies in western countries as well as in Buddist countries. But if someone abandons this law violating it, he is called a transgressor. But if the law is abolished, as when the husband dies to a woman, he is not declared transgressor.
    2. Mercy governs the new man
    Law is not abolished but it's replaced by God's spirit by Jesus-Christ. So, as the woman of the dead husband can marry again, now man belongs to the Spirit. This Spirit has ressurected Jesus from death. It's doesn't mean that he can transgress the law, but as Jesus replaced law by mercy, he doesn't need be restrained by law but now lives by the Spirit. The Spirit gives strength to generously observe the law. Now we don't live as slaves motivated by fear, but as free men who obey the law of Spirit and live.
    Prayer: Lord, thank you for liberating me by the Spirit of Jesus-Christ so I belong to him. I live now as a really free man.
    Bottom line: changed of regime, I live with my new husband Jesus.

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    Wednesday January 11th 2016
    Romans 6:1-14
    As from this chapter, Paul speaks about the fruits of justification. The justified Christians are brought about bearing ripe fruits.
    1. Be baptized (1-7)
    Some people say that we can sin because then mercy is plentiful. But the one who has died to sin can't commit sin again. It's like when we die, we are set free from flesh (7). We emtombed sin by baptism to begin a new life. So, if we commit sin again, it's a proof that we aren't really baptized, that it is only a superficial ceremony. If we are one plant with Jesus, our nature is fully changed, we die to sin and we live again without sin.
    2. Consider yourself (8-14)
    We are still in the flesh. Sin brushes our life. So, we must conform ourselves to Christ every time. He died one time for always to atone for our sins. Consider this fact to continuously fight against your flesh so that sin does not dominate in your body. If we do that, offering our body as a weapon for justice, Jesus who overcame death will give us victory.
    Prayer: Lord, thank your for his baptism in your death, you made me a new creation. From now on, make me offer my body as a weapon for justice.
    Bottom line: it's impossible to give myself to sin because Jesus' mercy is too large for me.

    Monday, January 9, 2017


    Monday, January 8th 2016
    Romans 5:1-11
    When we receive mercy from a person we want to give back mercy. All the more so it's the same thing with our Lord who is our Savior. It's a logical consequence.
    1. The fruits of justification (1-5)
    We have the fruits of justification, and the first is peace in him. To us who were ennemies of God and who trembled with fear of condemnation, where is mercy ? Mercy comes after. Above all mercy of forgiveness and salvation. Then, hope. We are no more attached to the ephemeral things from the world. We are attached to eternal life. Because of that, we persevere in the tribulations in this world. The hope of eternal life is strengthened and assured by Jesus' immutable love (5). When we think about his redeemer love, how can we doubt his celestial inheritance for us ?
    2. Jesus' love is the proof (6-11)
    His love is really immeasurable. It's poured into our heart by the Holy Spirit (5). But now Paul makes a link between justification and salvation. We are justified because of his immutable mercy. All the more we are saved for heaven. It's an obvious logic that if we are reconciled with God, we who were ennemies, and if God loves us so much, we have no reason to worry. Because he saves us from anger. If we are reconciled with him, all the more we are saved. In summary, the mercy of forgiveness was given to us by his sacrifice, then how can we doubt salvation's mercy ? That is the subject of glory during our life on the earth.
    Prayer: Lord, thank you for having justified us by Jesus' blood. Now your love gave us true peace.
    Bottom line: All the more...

    Sunday, January 8, 2017


    Saturday, January 7th

    Romans 4:13-25
    key verse: 16

    1. Abraham's faith

    Paul talks about the relationship between faith and grace. When we have faith, we have grace. Under the law, there is only judgement, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. His anger falls continually on mankind, be it pagans or Jews. The the faith of him who justifies without our works gives grace, since the anger of God is satisfied by faith in the promise. Though we are sinners, God has mercy on those who believe in him. He fulfills his promise through strength, and this strength is revealed separately from men. Abraham had faith and believed that He who made the promise was capable of fulfilling it, however difficult it would be. He thus obtained a son in his old age, and also inherited Canaan in spite of his sin.

    2. Our faith

    As believers, we are descendants of Abraham, since we hope against all hope and believe in God's promise. We are powerless before the power of death, but we believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that he rose from the dead, crushing the power of death. Through him, we can overcome the sinful world and our weak bodies in order to do great works by faith. We believe that our unforgiveable offenses are entirely erased and that we are completely made righteous by his resurrection (25).

    Prayer: Lord, thank you for the example of Abraham's faith. I believe Jesus died so that my sins could be forgiven, and I believe he was risen from the dead to make me righteous. Thank you.

    Bottom line: Abraham's faith is also ours

    Friday, January 6, 2017


    Friday, January 6th 2017
    Romans 4:1-12
    Paul examines the Scriptures to compare it to his doctrine of justification. Two cases appears, first Abraham, then David.
    1. Abraham's faith (4:1-5;9-12)
    Abraham wasn't justified by his works but only by faith. How ? His history tells to us that the time where he was justified was when he wasn't circumcised yet. After ten years in Canaan, when he doubted of the promise to have a child, God leads him Abraham outside ans makes him count the stars to confirm his promise. Then, in spite of impossibility, Abraham believe in him, what was counted to him as righteousness (Gn 15:6). Moreover, if mankind is justified by circumcision of works, mankind can glorify herself and salvation isn't a gift but is a owed, what annihilates the greatness of God. So justification only by faith is necessary.
    2. David's faith (6-8)
    In the psalm 32 verses 1 and 2, after having soffered day and night because of his sins, he confessed that his sins are forgiven. The Eternal God didn't count his sins. The next verse attests that David did not works to be forgiven, he make his sin know to God and immediatly he was forgiven and fully justified. So, the two main pillars of the Bible support the justification only by faith. That is applicable to the Jews and also to the pagans, so that justice would be counted to them (11).
    Prayer: Lord, I thank you for your forgiveness to all my sins by only faith. I didn't nothing to you, but only by your mercy, you forgived me.
    Bottom line: Only by faith, as Abraham and David...

    Thursday, January 5, 2017


    Thursday, January 5th 2017

    Romans 3: 21-31
    key verse: 25

    After counting the sins of the Jewish and pagan world, Paul starts a new chapter with these words: "But now. . ." This is a great turning point in human history.

    1. New righteousness is revealed (21-23)

    Righteousness was always through the law; those who sinned were viewed as breakers of the law and it was considered inexorable. All Israelites who broke the law were sentenced to death and perished in the desert. God permitted them to resort to sacrifice in order to be sure of their salvation. But since they committed sin repeatedly, they had to start over with the sacrifice of reconciliation each year. Jesus' coming reveals a new righteousness: whoever believes in him will not be condemned, but will receive forgiveness once and for all.

    2. The means of redemption (24-31)

    Jesus is our means of redemption. According to the law, we should all have been condemned. However, through God's patience, we were not. We are still alive, though we are not different from prisoners who have received the death sentence and wait for the execution day to arrive. There will be no exception for pagans or for Jews; all are destined for it. However, God sent his son so that through the virtue of faith we would be freely forgiven. All sinners are made righteous through him, which was impossible through the law, and through faith alone, not through works, we are miraculously saved. 

    Prayer: Lord, thank you for doing the impossible so that a sinner like me could be forgiven through faith. I believed in his blood and all my sins were erased. I infinitely thank you.

    Wednesday, January 4, 2017


    Wednesday, January 4th 2016
    Romans 3:1-20

    Today's word talks to us about the advantage of the Jews which was enormous and talks about universality of sin and the role of law.
    1. The reasoning of the Jews
    The advantage of the Jews was enormous because they received the oracles of God. But because of their feeling of superiority they became ennemies of God. They had a strange system of thinking. Id doesn't matter if they are loyal, that will bring out the loyalty of God. But God is loyal, whatever be mankind. There are people who think that if they are unfair, God will be more righteous by contrast. They say that God will be all the more right if they lie, and all the more reason good if they are wicked. Paul condemns these pretentious people.
    2. Universality of sin
    About sin, there is no distinction. The Jews thought that they were higher, but they are only unforgivable sinners. The Jews and the pagans are all in the grip of sin. No one understands, none is righteous in the world. It's the same thing for the Jews and the pagans. They are without fear and many bad thoughts of destroying are in their heart. It's the role of the law, it makes us recognize that we are sinners, but not more. Because the law can't save a soul from his sins. Using the law to be higher is absurd. Only repentence before the law leads us to eternal salvation.
    Prayer: Lord Jesus, make me recognize what is the advantage that I have, but rather than become proud, humble me with just thoughts. I am not better than any other, because I am very corrupted. Let me come to you to confess my sins and be forgiven.
    Bottom line: there is none righteous

    Tuesday, January 3, 2017


    Tuesday, January 3rd 2017

    Romans 2:12-29

    key verse: 13

    We must know who we have to be. The Jews thought that simply knowing would suffice. What counts for God is that we practice the law. Paul also talks about true circumcision that is different from a mere title. 

    1. Only those who practice the law will be justified

    For God, it is the same whether a man knows the law or whether he knows it perfectly. What counts is that we practice the law, and God justifies those who do so. That's why he even justifies pagans who don't know the law; their conscience takes on the role of the law. This law is written on the tablet of their heart and it accuses or excuses them. The Jews constructed an appearance based on titles, but their problem was that they led a double life. They glorified themselves through the law, but in reality, they blasphemed the name of God among the Gentiles because of their disobedience. 

    2. True circumcision

    The Jews believed they were righteous because they were circumcised, though their actions were contrary to their appearance. Their hearts were corrupted and they thought and acted like pagans. However, among the pagans, there are those who obey the law without knowing it, as it is written in their conscience, and they follow their conscience. God, who judges all hearts, will bless these pagans and will condemn those who pretend to obey the law because of their circumcision but are in reality disobedient. True circumcision is sincere repentance before God, as well as receiving forgiveness from him.

    Prayer: Lord, help me not to commit sin through a double life. Help to not only know the law, but to also practice it. I have learned what true circumcision is. Make me circumcised in heart. 

    Bottom line: we must practice the law, whether a Jew or a pagan

    Monday, January 2, 2017


    Monday, January 2nd 2017
    Romans 2:1-11
    This morning's word speaks to us about the guilt of these who judge. At the same time it speaks about God's patience towards guilty mankind. God's judgment is unavoidable. What is the criterion of God's judgment ?
    1. If you judge you will be judged (1-4)
    One day, Jesus said do not judge our brothers if we do not want to be judged. Seek to take the log out of your own eye rather than taking the speck out of your brother's eye. After having spoken about universality of sin, Paul speaks about guilt of those who judge. He says that when you judge others, you condemn yourself. Why ? Because the act of judging is an act which takes the place of God. God judges these who judge (2). Then, according to the principle of mankind, man makes the same mistake, because, according to Paul, no one is honest before God (3:23 a). The Jews who judge others and all who judge others, presume on the kindness of God who patiently endures our sins.
    2. The right remuneration of God (5-11)
    Our God is not a commonplace God. He is alive and he looks at all the hearts of men, and either he rewards the honest people or he disapproves the sinners. We must live with fear and trembling before God who renders to each one according to his works (7-10). He without fail will come and will make justice to the sinful world. If we live according to his glory, persevering in well-doing, we will receive eternal life and his divine kingdom. But if we practice evil disobeying the truth, the punishment and the wrath will wait for us.
    Prayer: Lord, help me to not judge my brothers, because you forgave me with a high price. Make me live with fear and trembling because your jugdment is awesome and your grace towards the honest is immeasurable.
    Bottom line: be patient, thinking of your God who was patient towards you