Thursday, August 31, 2017

Revelation 20 v 1-15 (Daily Bread of 31/08/2017)

Key verse 20 :6
Studying Revelation makes us gain altitude. The various judgements that one after the other give us a number of negative perspectives. However, Ch. 20 us onto a marvellous summit.

1.      Before the thousand-year (1-3). The angel descended from the heavens with the key to the abyss in his hand. Many share the opinion that this angel is Christ himself. He alone has the authority and the power to bind Satan up and to cast him into the abyss. In this passage Satan is given four different names (2). The abyss is where the dead lie (sheol, hades). The souls of those who lost their way and who await God's judgement lie here. The evil spirits who Satan controls lie here as well.
2.      During the thousand-year period (4-6). Satan will be therefore up for a thousand years. This is a very contreversial topic that causes quite a bit of division concerning its interpretation : millenarianism  either before or after, amillennialism there are others who interpret it as a spiritual. According to several premillenial theologians, the reign known as the Millennium, that is part of the eschathologic  events will come as followed : the Church and Christ's tribunal being taken to heaven (the rapture) - the Anti-Christ's reign – the great tribulation - Christ's return and the punishment of his ennemies- Christ’s reign for a thousand years- Satan's last and final revolt – the final judgement – eternal happiness. Only the martyrs and the victors of the great tribulation are assigned to the thrones that are mentioned in this passage. These thrones are the corollary to God's reign. That's the first resurrection (5). The Anti-Christ's victims will not resurrect before the end of the tribulation period. They will not pass before Christ's tribunal but they will go directly to the throne of the heavens to enjoy happiness during a thousand years.

3.      After the thousand-year period (7-15). Satan is released from the abyss. The oppressing control that he will use on mankind after the thousand-year period of joy clearly demonstrates that the best way to change man's fallen nature is to completely reform his nature. Only Christ's life can make this possible. Satan will believe that with the Anti-Christ's help he will be able to seduce the nations and trick them into believing the he is God. However, the thunderous intervention of the will reduce his plan to nothing. The armies of Gog and Magog will be mobilised and will attack the beloved town and the saints. The spirit of rebellion will extend itself to the extremities of the Earth but just as quickly as he extends the fire from heaven will descend and consume the rebels. Thereafter, Satan will be thrown into the pond of fire and sulphur which the original destination for Satan and his angels. Satan will be reunited with the Anti-Christ and the false who were thrown there a thousand years before. The big tree trunk  will put itself into place and the accused will be judged and thrown away. No good work can justify the saved ; only Christ’s blood can via the Book of life (15).     

Revelation 19 : 1-16 (Daily Bread of 30/8/2017)


Key verse 19: 7

1.      Babylon had fallen on the eve of Jesus' coming (1-7)
So, myriads of angels congregate to celebrate the triumph of God over the great prostitute. The large crowd exclaims "Alleluia" (1,3). There are 24 elders, 
4 living beings, redeemed and martyrs. This word « alleluia » is not found elsewhere in the New Testament, and it celebrates the absolute triumph of God Almighty ; the sinners of Babylon have disappeared and the wicked devil has stopped his reign. The word « amen » is the fervent compliance of a soul to God’s sovereign will.

2) The marriage supper of the Lamb celebrated in Heaven (7-9)
Who is the spouse ? Israel was named the bride of God and the church the bride of Christ. Here it’s the bride of Christ who has poured his blood as the Lamb of God. Aspiring for a long time to join the Spouse, she units to him. Taken away the eve of the great tribulation, she participates to the supper before the removal of the Lord from the earth. The church must be prepared, but his part is restricted, because she is made just through Christ’s justice acquired by Christ in the cross, justice imputed by faith without personal merit. But this gratuitous work doesn’t allow us to flee in the wait-and-see. The bride must « work for her salvation with fear and trembling » and « pursue sanctification without which no one will see the Lord ». Then, the joy of the Church in encountering the Spouse will be inexpressible. Incidentally, John loses the spirit, worships the angel, but the true object of worship is Jesus, the Lamb of God

3) Christ comes back from Heaven (11-16)
The sky is fully opened, because Christ will appear and and will come back on the earth. He comes on the back of a white horse, as a symbol of purity and equity. He is called the Faithful and the True. He never changes and he is absolute. His eyes are like a flame and he is crowned with a diadem. He has a mysterious name that none know. Only God knows his Son. He is dressed with blood and the saints with a white clothing. Christ is winner of the nations which fight against him as he treads a chariot, therefore he is the King of kings, the Lord of lords (15). An angel had gone through the sky to proclaim the Gospel of the Eternal kingdom of Christ; here, an angel is in the sun to announce the destruction of the armies of the Antichrist gathered in Armagedon. The punishment of the armies of the Antichrist is ruthless. All the prophets had predicted it. The unquestionable judgment falls before the glorious hour of millenium (20-21)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Revelation 18 : 1-24 (Daily Bread of 29/8/2017)


Key Verse 18 : 2

In Revelation chapter 18, Babylon’s political system is presented as a town, a town that flatters the Anti-Christ’s pride. Its the great big town (v. 10, 18, 21) ; the powerful town (v. 10) ; the opulent town (v. 3, 7) ; the town where the trading and international financial monopolies live (v. 9-19) ; the town of great debauchery (v. 3, 5) ; the town where Satan’s throne is ; the town where the demons enjoy themselves (v. 2).

1. Babylon’s judgement proclamed from the heavens above (18 : 1-8)

An angel heralds the imminent return of Christ. Isaiah already predicted the fall of the old Babylon. The fall of this new Bablyon is exactly the same (2a). The Anti-Christ would have already perfectly accomplished what God had allowed him to do. During this time those holding the religious power and the political power will become intimately linked together like the prostitute and the Beast. Babylon will be the World's capital from which flows more prosperity than the World has ever seen. However, that's not all as underworld activities will take place in this town as well. This town will be the meeting place for demons (2b). It will be the city from which all believers must flee (4). Its numerous sins will be the main cause of it's punishment (5). When it seems that evil has reached its summit, suddenly several plagues will destroy this town. It will be consumed by fire (7-8).

2. The Earth laments the fall of Babylon (9-19)

The World’s political leaders will be the first to lament Babylon’s fall. Why such a contrary reaction to that which they showed in Ch. 17 ? Babylon would have made their economies prosper. For this reason, all the Earth's merchants (v.11) and sea pilots (v.17-19) will cry over her.

3. Celebrations in the heavens after Babylon’s fall (20-24)

Babylon has been destroyed and this has now become the one of the reasons behind the saints' joy (20). This town will be completely destroyed like the great stone that was thrown into the sea. God will erase all memory of this wicked town (22). There will be no music heard, the festive joy and light will disappear. In this town we will find the blood of those who resisted against its hegemony. Its fall will coincide with the defeat of the armies at Harmagedon . Thus Babylon’s judgement corresponds to the return of Christ.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Revelation 17 : 1-18 (Daily Bread of 28/08/2017)


Key verse 17 :1

One out of every six verses in the third section of Apocalypse (Chapter 4 to 22), this section predicts the future, talks about Babylon. This fact thus highlights the great importance of this issue. Babylon is the famous politico-religious system that the Anti-Christ will put in place when he comes onto the scene. Ch 17 deals mostly with the political aspects of this system, whereas Ch 18 deals with the economic and political implications that it will have, even though these issues are all inter-related.
1) A presentation of Babylon’s system : Genesis describes this city as the door leading to the heaven’s. The kings of the Earth will give themselves over to acts of debauchery with Babylon. The author of this Book denounces the spiritual principle that Babylon seeks to keep. This principle is namely the ganging together of those holding the political and social power. To the Anti-Christ, this act of adultery will be translated into a universal Church service dedicated to the person of impiety. The Church of Christ is compared to a pure virgin who separates herself from the World an who prepares herself for the bridegroom’s arrival. In sharp contrast, the false religion of men is compared to a woman who has broken her committment to God to engage herself in spiriual adultery with the World going so far as to commit acts of prostitution. Therefore, in this biblical story, her guilty flirtation comprises the political rallying of the religious power (2). She is idolized and has been given power over the others (3b). She will try to become royal and she will try to be glorified by taking God’s place in the hearts of men. After having commiting all of these sins, the worst of these crimes : the mass consomption of the blood of Jesus’s disciples, will come about given that their existance is inadmissible before her eyes.

2) The mystery surrounding Babylon explained : This mystery is double (7-8). It is a great mystery for the unbelievers, whereas for thoses who beleve it reflects the real figure of Satan. The woman and the beast that carries her (the Anti-Christ) are interdependent. The Antichrist needs a religious system to sit down on and to support his authority. Babylon refers to a political system divided into seven parts (9). It is like a confederation of States that will commit itself to the biggest conflict in history and it will be victorious for awhile (1H), up until the Lamb comes to vanquish and destroy it. 

3) Babylon’s power destroyed (16-18). Babylon will be ruined by mankind (16). Similar to the time of the Great Reform, after the gret euphoria of the scandalous union between the prostitute and the Anti-Christ, the people will realise that they have been exploited by the big prostitute and they will rebel against her. She will be forever judged by God (17). The Word of the Lord will determine how long Babylon and the Anti-Christ (Ch 19) will have on Earth.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Revelation 16 : 1-21 (Daily Bread of 26/8/2017)

                       THE SEVEN CUPS OF GOD’S WRATH

Revelation 16:1-21
Key verse : 16 :1

A voice, the Christ’s certainly, tells the angels to pour out the cups of God’s wrath unto the Earth. How can God so filled with love give such a harsh judgement ? His patience is without limits towards sinful man. Even though He is deeply sadened by their behaviour and His heart is filled with a great hope of their repentance, He does not spare the rod when they refuse His grace and forgiveness. What do these cups symbolise ?

The first cup : ulcers (2). Everyone will contract this new type of cancer at the same time. Even though there have never been as many « magicians » in the World as there were in the time of the Ant-Christ, the beast cannot conjure a plague of ulcers.

The second and the third cups : the seas and the rivers will become blood (3-7). The sea which is the reservoir of life for all living things will become (un charnier). An imbalance in the planet’s ecosystem will have adverse effects on those living near the coasts before the river of blood becomes a hygenetic danger for those living in the mainland. The victors will be dressed in white Revelation 3 :4, and now the damned will have to drink blood as their just punishment. The fire of the judgement thrown onto the Earth comes from the altar under which lie the martyrs’ souls.

The fourth cup : a terrible heat wave (une chaleur torride) coming from the Sun (8-9). The atmospheric proctection that was once divinely granted will be removed and the dangerous heatwaves from the Sun will hit the Earth. Malachi said that the day of the Lord will be « burning like a rageing furnace… » (4 :1), however for the righteous the Sun of righteousness will rise up (4 :2).

The fifth cup : darkness falls on beast’s throne (10-11). Emanating from this throne, similar to that of Satan’s, will be iniquity covered with the power of darkness. It will spread all over the World. The beast’s kingdom will be covered with darkness. Mankind will be in unbearable pain and they will harden their hearts (10b, 11).

The sixth cup : The Euphrates all dried up (12-16). The Euphrates will dry up so that the people of Israel can go back home and so that the armies coming from the East may have a clear path. There will be the Harmagedon, a strategic location that has no particular clear precision on it, and this is where the army of the Anti-Christ’s army will assemble. This army will betray Israel and go against God. Israel will cry out to God and knock it’s chest because of what it did to the Son of God. At that very instant Christ’s victory will be come.  

The seventh cup : Babylon destroyed (17-21). The largest earthquake ever known to man (18-20) will strike the Earth and the largest hailstorm will fall as well in those days. In the meanwhile Babylon will fall, this is detailed more precisely in Chpts. 17 and 18.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Revelation 14:14-15:8 (Daily Bread of 25/08/2017)

Friday 25th August 2017

key verse: 15:4


After the first four visions, let's study the last three visions. 

5. The harvest and the grape harvest (14:14-20)
This vision must be compared with the events in 19: 11-21 where the Lord comes back with his heavenly host to hit his opponents and judge mankind. Christ delegates some work of harvest to his angels and he reserves the work to eradicate the Antichrist. First, the harvest. It's announced by John the Baptist (Lc 3:17). It's elucidatd by Christ (Mt 13:24:30). At the beginning ryegrass mixes with wheat but finally it will be exposed and cast in a furnace of fire. Then, the grape harvest. The harvest references a political system and the grape harvest references a religious system. The winemakers are unworthy and produced only foul fruit. They rejected Jesus, the true vine. Even if the religious system has the appearance of a true vine, their grapes will be poisonous and they will produce a wine infected with snake venom. Tthe Son of Man will press the wine, the impious peoples, then after the day of vengeance will come the year of the redeemed ! Christ, of course, will not forget his people.

6. The winners song on the sea of glass (15:2-4)
Before the throne, there is a sea of glass akin to crystal. The great winners of the tribulation stand up on this sea with fire. The 144000 people with the martyrs sing with harp but they aren't consumed by fire like Moses' burning bush or the fiercy furnace of Daniel's friends. Like Moses' canticle to celebrate the release, these martyrs will sing to celebrate the issuance of the Antichrist's oppression. In v.3 there is the Lamb's canticle which celebrates the poured blood on the cross to redeem the people. So, they exalt him: "you are the only righteous one", "because your justice has been manifested". 

7. The sign of the seven angels coming from God's temple (15:1-5-8)
After the two signs of chapter 12 (woman and dragon), it's the third sign. It's the achivement of God's wrath (1). Like the first two signs, during the third sign the tabernacle will open, and the testimony in the ark will help to accomplish the judgment. Like the 12 angels to the churches, the 7 angels to the trumpets, these 7 angels coated with vestments come from the temple, full of fumes, to give the last scourges on the world. The cup was filled during all the centuries, but it will be poured all at once.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Revelation 14 – 15 : 8 (The Daily Bread for Thursday 24 August 2017)

Revelation 14 – 15 : 8 (The Daily Bread for Thursday 24 August 2017)


Key Verse Revelation 15 : 4

After the first four visions, let us  study the last three that are remaining.

The fifth vision (5) Harvesting and reaping  (Revelation 14 : 14-20)

This vision has to be compared with the events that will take place in Revelation 19 : 11-21 when the Lord returns to Earth with his heavenly army in order to severely strike his enemies and to judge mankind. By giving the task of cutting the crop to the angels, Christ keeps the task of annihaliting the Anti-Christ exclusively to him alone. However, before anything starts there were be the harvest. Jean the Baptist spoke about this (Luke 3 :17). Christ also explained it a bit further (Matthieu 13 : 24-30). The vine clusters mixed in with the wheat in the beginning will be revealed and thrown into the ever burning fireplace. After this will follow the reaping . The harvest refers to the political system, while the reaping  refers to all of the religious systems. The vine keepers proved to be unworthy and they produced infected fruits. They rejected Jesus, the true branch. Even though the plants, born from the religious system that the false prophet put in place, appear to come from the true branch, their grapes will be poisoned and will produce wine infected by the serpent’s venom. The Son of man will trample the these wicked people’s winepress, after the day of vengeance, the year of the saved will come ! Let us be reassured that Christ will not forget that which is his.

The sixth vision (6) The victors sing in the sea of glass (15 : 2-4)

Before the throne of God, there is a sea that has a cristal-like ressemblance. This sea is mixed with fire and those who triomphed the Great Tribulation will stand there. The 1 440 000 saved along with the martyrs sing will the harp, without being consumed by the fire just as the fire did not consume the bush when Moses went to see the burning bush and just like the fireplace did not consume Daniel’s friends. Afterwards, these martyrs will sing to celebrate the deliverance from the Anti-Christ’s oppression. This song will be similar to that which Mose sang to celebrate Israel’s freedom from the Pharaoh. In verse 3a, the song of praise to the Lamb will follow the martyrs’ song and this song will celebrate the blood that the Lamb shed on the cross for the redemption of mankind. Thus the exaltation « You alone are loyal » « because your righteousness decrees have been made manifest ».  

The seventh vision (7) The sign of the seven angels emerging from God’s temple (15 : 1,5-8)
After the two signs in Chapter 12 (the woman and the dragon), the third sign appears. By this sign God’s anger is completely poured out. Similar to the first two signs, in the third one the tabernacle will open up and the witness in the tent will help bring about this judgement. In the same way that there were seven angels for the Churches and seven angels for the trompettes, seven angels covered in smoke wearing priestly clothing will emerge from within the temps and they will pour out the last fléau on the Earth. This golden bowl which has been filled with God’s anger over the centuries, will be poured out all at once.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Revelation 13:1-18 (Daily Bread of 23/8/2017)

Wednesday August 23rd 2017

Revelation 13:1-18
key verse:1


The great dragon of chapter 12 is Satan, the father of lies. The beast which comes from sea in chapter 13a is the Antichrist, the son of perdition. The beast which comes from earth in chapter 13b is the false prophet, the spirit of falsehood. In chapter 12, Satan is expelled from the sky and in chapter 13 he deploys an intense and evil activity. 

1. The beast that comes from sea (1-10)
The description of the animal in chapter 13 looks like the description of the fourth animal in Daniel 7 (cf 5 to 8: arrogant words, 6 to 25: blasphemous words, 7 to 21: war towards the saints, 5 to 25: three and a half years). It's the Antichrist, whose the power is the unity of the strength of the 4 animals in Daniel: majesty of  lion, brutality of bear, speed of leopard, and the extraordinary strenghth of lion. The healing of the (fatal) wound parodies the resurrection and attracts the inhabitants to worship him. He will receive authority (4). It's maybe a politician superhuman worshipped by mankind. A great power was given to him, but "power was given to him" (repeated 4 times in 5-7), which means that he will act only within the limits imposed by the Almighty. He will persecute the saints (7a) and make them worship the beast. But the worshippers will have the eternal perdition (8). The saints will persevere, because they root their faith in the final victory (10b).

2. The beast that comes from earth (11-18)
If the beast who comes from sea has the other peoples as origin, the beast which comes from earth has the Jews as origin. This beast parodies the Holy Spirit. The beast will pretend to have the role of "comforter" in place of the Holy Spirit. It magnifies the son of perdition to whom it's a zealous and very effective servant. The false prophet will act as the right arm of the Antichrist (12). The prodigies accomplished by the false prophet will seduce all the earth. The Antichrist's pride will be unbounded. The passion of power will goad him to enter God's temple and proclaim himself as God. He will create a false religion making people worship the Antichrist through other's pictures (13,14). He will do a speaking picture (madonne ?) and will make them worship the picture. But during Jesus' second coming he will be annihilated. He forces all those servants to have a mark of the beast of their foreheard as the condition of suvival (16-17). Then, comes the peculative number of 666. If 7 is the perfect number according to God, 6 is the perfect number according to mankind, like 6000 chariots of Pharaoh, Goliath's 600 shekels of iron, 6 degrees before Salomon's temple, etc.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Revelations 12 v 1-18 (Daily Bread Tuesday 22nd August)

Revelations 12 v 1-18 (Daily Bread Tuesday 22nd August)


Key Verse 12 : 11

In this vision the woman that John saw refers to Israel and the male child refers to Jesus Christ. Verses 1 to 5 describe the war on Earth as well as Christ’s adversary ; Satan. Verses 7 to 12 describe the war in the sky ( i.e the heavens ; the third heaven) and they also talk about the one who constantly accuses the brothers ; Satan. Verse 6 and verses 13 to 18 talk about the new war on Earth that Satan, the one who agresses Israel, wages.

1.     The War on Earth (verses 1-5)

These verses show us the manner in which Satan has been acting throughout the course of history : in the beginning, at Bethlehem and on the mount of Oliver trees. In the beginning, the devil lead a number of angels to follow him in his rebellion against God. This cherub protector, filled with pride because of his great beauty, rebelled  against God and took a legion of angels with him. Thereafter, he lead the Earth into error and disobedience. At Bethelem, the devil wanted to devour the woman’s child. The King Herod decreed the massacre of all of the children in Bethelem. However, the woman’s child was lifted up and hidden in Egypte. On the mount of Oliver trees, the devil was unable to stop the ascension of Christ. Through his death and resurrection, Christ has therefore defeated the Prince of this World. Satan was thus unable to devour the « male child » who was « taken up » to God and therefore he has been defeated forever.

2. The War in the heavens

Between that which is decribed in verses 5 and 6, 2000 years of grace have passed. Verses 7-12 describe the permanent conflict in the heavens and they also talk about the conflict that goes on nowadays. The wars on Earth simply reflect the War that takes place in the heavens between the spiritual forces, a War that becomes more and more cruel. Satan is he who accuses the brothers (verse 10). He was casted out of heaven (verses 7 to 8). Satan persecuted the Church. In Heaven he constantly accuses the brothers. However, suddenly the Lord will descend from heaven on the clouds, and He will call up the Church to meet him. From thereon the Church will be indefinitely withdrawn from the enemy’s power. It will be made pure and it will abide in the presence of the Lord forever and ever. The angels will sing songs of praise because of the Church’s victory.

3. The New War on Earth (verse 6, verses 13 to 17)
As Jesus was hidden in Egypte fleeing Herod’s decree, in the last days the woman will have to flee the enemy’s great and oppressing wrath by going into the desert. God prepared this hidding place for her (verse 6). Completely isolated (perhaps internationally), Israel’s strong protector is God. The enemy’s hate therfore turns towards the woman’s descendents (verse 17). Verse 11 brings this chapter to an end as it proclaims the victory of those who are saved by the blood of the Lamb. This victory is due to the blood of the Lamb, the testimony of those who it redeemed and the hate that they have towards their life here on Earth.

Monday, August 21st 2017 Revelation 11:15-19

Monday, August 21st 2017
Revelation 11:15-19
key verse: 15
Ch 11:15 proclaims the day when Jesus will come back to impose his reign on the nations. It is introduced to us in the context of chapter 19. According to John's inductive method, after this proclamation, he presents us chapter 12-19 where the events stagger: the terrestrial reign of the Antichrist (12-13), the celestial visions (14-15), the terrestrial jugdments (16-18), before Christ's Second Coming. When the wedding feast of the Lamb will be prepared, Jesus will come on white horseback. 
This word proclaims, not whatever gathering, but the coronation of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Satan is excluded and the divine peace reigns. It's the coming of the eternal kingdom of Christ. Paul speaks about the millenium kingdom of Christ: "be unrebukable until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ: who, in his time, will show the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings and Lord of lords" (1 Ti 6: 14-15). Not the kingdoms but the only kindgom. History tells us that all the attempts to corner the world power have failed. The Antichrist reigns for a moment, but Christ reigns under the aegis of the universal government. His kingdom is united, indissoluble and submitted to his rod of iron, which means a balanced division of power between the Father and the Son. Therefore, the attempt of Satan to skew the power of the Son to have the world power is annihilated. So the celestial army shouted out in praise (16-18). The nations were angry (Ps 2:1-4) but the Lord comes to manifest his wrath which will have consequences forever and ever. He speaks about "the small and the great". The Lord will remember small and humiliated people who the great of this world haven't ever taken care of.
Among all this deployment of activities, God doens't forget Israel. So, the ark of the Covenant (alias Old Testament) appears. Jesus is guarantor of the New Covenant in which he makes God's celestial people enter. So, the Old Covenant is forgotten (predicted by Jr 3:16) and the New Covenant appears in the sky and a new temple whose God opens the door. The ark predicts the events for Israel which are described in the next chapters, but above all the ark reminds us of God's loyalty towards his people in the past. God's loyalty is manifested in an infinite concern for Israel during the reign of the Antichrist, whereas the opponents to the Jewish people will suffer the effects of the divine wrath (flashes, voices, thunderclaps, earthquakes, hail).

Key Verse Revelation 11v3


Key Verse Revelation 11v3

The two witnesses are dressed in sackcloth in order to lead everyone into the act of contrition and repentance during 1260 days (three and a half years. Two witnesses are sufficient to condemn the Anti-Christ. These two ressemble Joshua and Zerubbabel in Zechariah 4v14 in that they were constantly « standing before the Lord » as those who withheld the power to control the heavens. They also take over the Earth (like the strong angel Revelation 10v2 who take over the planet Earth and John who measured the temple and took it over as well. This will give rose to a lot of hate and threats from their enemies. Who can these two witnesses be ? 1) Enoch and Elijah who died without experiencing a physical death. ( ?) 2) Moses and Elijah. Moses because the Word tasks about « turning the seas into blood… the earth struck by a series of plagues. » Elijah because of the miracle that he did by closing the heavens for 1260 days. These reasons make these the most probable persons chosen as these two witnesses. (also see Matthieu 17v3).  Many people believed the Elijah had to come before Christ. The big beast will arise from the abyss, kill them and put their corpses on display (Revelation 11v7-8a). The once great city of Jerusalem will be renamed Sodom and Egypte, the city of debauchery and of cursed slavery. Did the Lord not say that « the disgusting thing that causes desolation will be standing in the sanctuary ». After having worked wittingly to undo the enemy’s plan, these two of God will have to face the Anti-Christ’s fury and they will gave way under his mighty arm in Jerusalem. Those who live there will not allow their corpses to be put into graves. Hate and rejection of God will see the light at last. « They have given the dead body of your servants as food to the fowls of the heavens ,The flesh of your loyal ones to the wild beasts of the earth. »(Ps 79 :2). 

Behold, after their death ,the two witnesses small arise from the dead. At the time when we least expect it and while the TV cameras film the two corpses, a God’s Spirit of life will fall upon them. A big earthquake will strike Jerusalem and 7000 of the most doubtful will fall. The others will be stupified thus praise God, not because of contrition but because of fear.  Thus the importance of the new and sinister warning «  the second woe is past. The third woe is coming quickly. » The first woe was the opening of the well to the abyss and the locusts invasion. The second was this woe with a part of Jerusalem being destroyed by an earthquake. The this woe is three and a half more years of Satan’s reign against Israel. If we add that all up we reach a total of 7 years of tribulation.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Revelation 11:1-2 (Daily Bread of 18/8/2017)

Friday August 8th 2017


Bouclay, a scholar of the 19th century, says that chapter 11 is the most important and the most difficult to explain. 

1. John measures the temple (11:1b-2)
It's not the temple of Solomon nor the temple of Zorobabel, nor of Herod, all of which are destroyed. It's not the temple of Ezekiel, which is contradictory to John's vision (Ez 48:35 vs; Rev 11:8). It's maybe the fourth temple of Jerusalem. The courtyard of the Pagans will be separated from the courtyard of the Jews by a wall, like in the temple of Herod. The prophet Daniel speaks about the alliance between Satan and the elected people in the first half of the 70 weeks or during three and a half years. Israel will enjoy relative prosperity. It's possible that the three monotheistic religions (Christians, Orthodoxes, Muslims) in Jerusalem occupy the forecourt, whereas the Jews will occupy the temple itself. In their blindness, Israel will make an alliance with the Antichrist (Ez 28:14-15) with a guarantee of safety. After three and a half years, the Antichrist will break the alliance and betray Israel. He will make the offering stop and will soil the sanctuary. But this proof will lead Israel to real repentance (Ez 28:16).

2. A reed given to John (11: 1a)
The reed, a measuring instrument, given to John, has the shape of a board, symbol of punishment. When he measures, he passes judgment, maybe about the fifth temple which will be built. The city will be judged before being measured with the divine cord in the reign of God's Son. Meanwile, the Antichrist will wreak havoc proclaiming himself God (2 Th 2:4). Then, the Lord will purify the place. According to some people, the physical temple will be destroyed to build a new one for the Lord. According to other people, it's a symbol, the Antichrist will dominate in the shadows, and the Christ will inaugurate his reign in a purely spiritual house.

Prayer: Lord, make me fear your judgment which is formidable. You will judge the people before glorifying them in your new temple.

Bottom line: reed and board

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Revelation 9:1-21 (DB of 16/8/2017)

Wednesday August 18th 2017

key verse: 1


What is the first formidable calamity ? Today's word tells us the scourge of the fifth angel which devastates the earth through the agents of devil. 

1. The locusts come (1-12)
When the fifth angel blew the trumpet, the key which is given to him opens the abyss. The devastating locusts with fumes. They reveived the order to attack only humans and torment them during six months. Their suffering is very great so they search death but don't find it. Their aspect is formidable like horses of war; their heads are like gold, their faces like a man, their hair like a woman's, their teeth like a lion's, their chest like a breastplate, their wings like a rider tank (7-10). But we must know that behind there is a king who governs them, he is the angel of the abyss, Satan. His Greek name is Apollyon.

2. The untied angels (13-21)
When the sixth angel blew the trumpet, a voice called out from the altar. The voice says to untie the four chained angels on the river Euphrates. When they were untied, those angels killed one-third of all men. The cavalry on horseback has a formidable breastplate and from their mouths come three scourges: fire, fumes and sulfur. They poison the people with their tails with heads. The people who survive don't repent, in spite of the severity of the judgment. Their hearts are hardened. They are worshippers of idols. They don't want to change their unholy way of life, in spite of the imminent calamity. 

Prayer: Lord, your jugment is formidable, so that I can't even receive death. Lord, help me to fear you and live according to your truth, repenting of my sins everyday. 

Bottom line: Satan, the instigator of the death of mankind 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Revelation 7:1-17 (DB of 14/8/2017)

Friday, August 4, 2017


Friday August 4th 2017
Revelation 5:1-14

John sees in the celestial vision the sealed book with seven seals. It's a book in which is writen the mystery of the fate of the earth. It is hardly accessible. Who can open it ?
1. The sealed book (1-8)
No one can open this book, so the author cries. Only the One who is worthy will open it. Who is worthy ? An elder says "He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David". He is the Lamb of God seated on the throne, who resembles a sacrifice. He has sacrified his life with his blood, which make him worthy of opening he book. The 4 beings and the 24 elders hold each a harp and a golden cup which is the prayer of the saints. When our prayers are sincere they go up to heaven and are contained in the golden cups of perfume. They make God's work progress toward the end of the times. The Last Judgment will be formidable because the righteous have suffered injustice in the world for a long time.
2. The new hymns (9-14)
The beings before and around the throne sing the new hymns. They praise the sacrified Lamb who is worthy to receive and open the book. Because he has saved by his blood men from all tribes and all languages and made them a kingdom of high priest to reign on the earth. Now they spiritually reign on the earth, then during the millennium they will reign on the earth up to when the new heaven comes. The multitude of the angels sing around the throne for the sacrified Lamb. So all the creatures on the earth and in sea sing in unison to glory, honour and power of the sacrified Lamb. Our Jesus, God's Son, the Lamb is worthy of praise by all mankind, because he has shed his blood on the cross for their salvation. 
Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank your for being the sacrified Lamb for me. Thanks to you, I am saved from calamity. Make me sing to God's Lamb with new hymns. 
Bottom line: the book that only Jesus can open


Wednesday August 2nd 2017

Revelation 3: 7-13

Among the seven churchs, the church of Philadelphia is worthy of receiving our praise and our appreciation because Jesus fully appreciates it. What is their strong point to be worthy as a model of the church ? 

1. He is Holy (7)

Jesus is described with several names: first, he is the Holy One, he that is true. Jesus is the only truth for mankind. Without him there is no truth. He is thrice-holy. He is the one who has David's key, he is the door of salvation. No one comes to the Father except through him. There is no other name on the earth given to mankind by which salvation comes. Jesus has opened this door for the Philadelphians because they kept God's word all the way with perseverance. Those who kept God's word all the way are the most loved by God. God will make them win against the backstabbers who are Satan's synagogue. The persecutors will recognize that they are true and that God loves them.

2. Hold on to the word of perseverance (8-13)

As they keep God's word, Jesus promises to keep them in the end. The hour of trial wil come for all the inhabitants. Those who firmly hold on can survive. They will have the crown of life. which can't be ripped off. God will make the winner a pillar in the temple of God, in the holy city, New Jerusalem. So they will not move, they will be unwavering. They will constantly praise and worship the Lord. The name of God, the name of the new city and the new name of Jesus will be marked on them. 

Prayer: Lord, you are Holy, please make me at all cost keep God's word, so that in the fight against the backstabbers I can win. Make me be marked with your name because of my loyalty before entering God's kingdom. 

Bottom line: be a model like the Philadelphians