Sunday, July 31, 2016


Dt 27 : 1-10

To the Israelite people who wandered in the desert during 40 years, the day of entrance into Canaan flowing with milk and honey was the day of biggest joy. It's the same in our life, there are days of such joy, like the day of university diploma, marriage, baptism, etc. This text gives us two lessons on how to celebrate these days of joy.

  1. Set up large stones in memory of God's mercy (1-4)
It's not by coincidence or by their astuteness of their strength that they arrived as far as here. All is only by the mercy of God and the conduct of God. So we must remember God by setting up a stone and being delighted in God's mercy (7). Up to now, how are you delighted on the day of a life-changing direction ?

  1. Build an altar and remember God's laws (5-10)
The main theme of Deuteronomy is to make more efforts in serving God better when there are changes in life or in the environment. Building an altar (5) and writing on stones the words of God (8). To conclude, what must we write in our heart on the day of joy ?
Prayer : Lord, help me remember your mercy and your word on the day of change of direction in my life.

Bottom line : What do I remember on the day of joy ?

Friday, July 29, 2016


July 29th 2016

Deut. 26:1-11, 16-19

Chapters 12 to 25 in Deuteronomy talk about religious ceremonies, the penal code et civil law. You can read these chapters personnally. Chapter 26 is a recommendation that teaches us the basic key principal of all the other chapters. It teaches us how we should bring our firstfruits, that is, our first paycheck, our first success, our first joy, etc. It serves as a barometer of the heart.

  1. You will bring your firstfruits to the Lord (1-11)
After going through much suffering and discipline, the people of Israel are finally going to enter the promised land flowing with milk and honey. They were going to start cultivating the ground. This was all by the grace of God. But if the people ate their firstfruits according to their desire, without giving to God, they would be foolish, ungrateful and without conscience. He who is unable to recognize grace is unable to maintain it. After reading verse 3, we must carve into our hearts words of gratefulness to say after each first harvest.

  1. Glory, fame and magnificence from God (16-19)
Read verse 16. If we observe the commandments and put into practice the prescripts with all our heart and soul (16-17), what happens (18) ? The reward of giving our firstfruits to the Lord is winning the glory of ruling the nations. It would be unfortunate to lose this great blessing by keeping the little firstfruits to ourselves.

Prayer : Lord, forgive me if I have given only leftovers to you.

Bottom line : firstfruits and glorious blessing

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Dt 11 :22-32
The conjunction « if » is a word which combines the gearing of the human condition. On the other hand, « if » is a magician which leads mankind to the word of hypothesis. That’s why, the conjunction « if » used by men without God is a very sad word in this world. But, for the believer, in today’s text, the two « if » give us conditions of blessing between God and us.
  1. If you take care to keep all his orders  (22-25)
Here, the order is more an alliance than an order. The conjunction « if » which follows the order ends in blessing and triumph. Read verse 23. To the Israelite people it’s almost impossible, but when they remember God’s promise, they can win the victory (25). The same is true for us ! If your conjunction « if » is like the one of the world, abandon it. Because that will make you sad.
  1. If you obey orders (26-32)
Verse 27 says : « if you obey The Eternal God’s orders ». It’s more a promise of blessing than an order. But read verse 29. There is a mountain of blessing and a mountain of curse. But we have liberty to choose either blessing or curse. I invit you to use well your liberty of choice. Don’t live your life as you like, but use well your liberty.  
Prayer : Lord ! Without you, the world is sad. Light up my eyes and give me your strength so that I keep my Lord and obey God’s order. Have mercy on this people who doesn’t have much liberty of choice.

Bottom line : liberty of choice 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Deut. 10:1-5, 10-15

A man had decided to believe in God. Shortly after, he committed sin and couldn't face God. He became desperate. Today's text encourages us when we are in this kind of situation, and it proposes a new path to take.

  1. Be brave, one more time (1-5)
The Lord commanded Moses to cut two stone tablets like the first ones he had broken because of the people's sin. Moses did so once again and he received the ten commandments of love. Do not be discouraged. The Lord will forgive you once again after you have sinned.

  1. Be careful, one more time (10-15)
Even though God, in his love, forgives you your sins, you must not lose fear before him. Read closely verses 12-13 : 1) Fear, 2) Walk, 3) Love, 4) Serve, 5) Observe, etc. These are the teachings we must follow. Think about two biblical people who bravely followed the Lord anew :

Jonas : Jonas 1:3, 3:1-3
Peter : John 18 :27, 21:15

Prayer : Lord, thank you for always giving me the way of regeneration (spiritual re-education). Grant me always, Lord, the grace that helps me walk in your holy and just ways, according to your will.

Bottom line : Rise up

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Dt 9:13-20

This text gives us three lessons : What God doesn't like most, what is human nature, and how prayer of intercession is important. Above all, what we need most in today's word is the prayer of intercession.

  1. WHAT GOD HATES MOST (13-15)
God sees his people and it was a stubborn people, they became proud and sunk in sin. God wanted to detroy them completely (14). God wanted even to destroy the corrupted leader Aaron. What does God hate most ? When a human becomes an ennemy of God because of his sins, hope disappears.

« You had turned aside quickly from the way that the Lord had commanded you » says the author. How I am myself cunning ? To them who were barely saved from Egypt, when they must receive the commands of God, they sank in sin, without overcoming their sins in the flesh (Ex 32:1-6). That's why a human must always tie himself to the Lord.

Look at big brother Moses who prayed for the leader Aaron and the people who were corrupted. It's the prayer of intercession. When failure comes, it's important to pray more. If there is prayer of intercession, we have hope. Did you learn prayer of intercession ? (Rm 8:34). Who is your intercessor ? (Hé 7:25).
Prayer : Lord, you know me. Grip me by your mercy, give me your forgiveness.
Bottom line : « in wrath remember mercy » (Ha 3:2)

Monday, July 25, 2016


Deut. 9:1-12

This text teaches us what the heart's attitude should have been when the people of Israel entered into the land flowing with milk and honey and lived in the blessing of God.

This word is medicine for those who have succeeded by the grace of God, but who fool themselves or fall easily into pride, forgetting God's grace after experiencing success.

  1. Learn from errors (7-12)
We don't need to always criticize ourselves for past failures. But happy are those who ask for God's help and learn from their errors. Read verse 7b. What did the Israelites do during 40 years in the desert ? (7-12) It's the same for us ; we are insufficient and it's only the grace of God that lasts. So, how can we say, « It's because of my righteousness and the uprightness of my heart that I have succeeded » ? God is not pleased with the proud in heart (Luke 18:11).

  1. Carve the faithfulness of the Lord into your heart (1-6)
Through their own strength, the Israelites could not take possession of Canaan. Only with God's help (3) and in keeping his promise were they able to experience success and blessing. Have you succeeded ? Or will you succeed ? What are you now saying in your heart ?

Prayer : Lord ! Have pity on me. I'm too proud and dishonest to receive your faithfulness. May I succeed where I have failed ; help me to keep your faithfulness in my heart.

Bottom line : Remember the Lord's faithfulness in your heart

Sunday, July 24, 2016


July 23rd 2016

Deut. 8:11-20

There are a lot of Christians who have become cowardly legalists after having received the grace of Jesus. This is because they have forgotten their first love. Consequently, it's not easy to find Christians who work hard, testify and give thanks for the grace of the Lord. This text teaches us why we must not become cowardly legalists.

  1. Do not fall into pride which destroys (11-12)
In His divine will, the Lord chose the people of Israel, trained them and guided them by His love (15-16). Finally, they could experience God's blessing (13). But if they forgot God and fell into pride after all that, it would be a shame (14). God would be saddened seeing a young man forget His love just after receiving his doctorat degree.

  1. Don't say you have become rich through your own strength (16-18)
Through prayer and the word, a young man was saved from drugs, alcohol and tabacco. But one day, he boasted that it was all thanks to his own strength. Likewise, if we think that all our wealth comes from our own hands, we are mistaken. We are wrongly prideful before God who gave us the strength to obtain these things.

  1. Do not bow before idols (19,20)
If we become cowardly legalists, idols will live in the core of our hearts. Perdition is the consequence. Reflect on whether you are a strong Christian filled with life or if you are a cowardly legalist.

Prayer : Lord ! Help me not to become a cowardly legalist. I know you want me to observe your word in the time of blessing.

Bottom line : laziness is the mother of legalism

Friday, July 22, 2016


Dt 8:1-10

It would be so much good if mankind needs only bread and clothes to be happy ? But when we notice that countries weel developed have most of sorrow, we learn that happiness is in the life of thanksgiving to God. Here are three subjects of thanksgiving which are important subjects of the Bible.

  1. God makes our living by bread and by His word (1-4)
God saved the Israelite people, who adored their stomach like a god (Ph 3:19) and lived like pigs searching for only pleasure in food. God trained them through humiliations during 40 years in the desert, to give them an important lesson. This lesson is that « man doesn't live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord ». When we thank God to makes us living by His word, there is true happiness (Mt 4:4).

  1. God brings us up to makes up men (5,6)
God brings up those that He loves continually (5, Hé 12:10-12). When we thank God who straighten up our useless interior, there is true happiness in this life.

  1. God gives blessing (7-10)
It's an important error if we think receive blessing by our own strength. It's rather God who gave blessing through feed of his word and training. What we are now it's only mercy. When we thank God to his blessing, there is happiness.
This three subjects are important to us who want to grow inside.
Prayer : Lord, I thank you with all my heart to your word, your training and your blessing. Alleluia ! Amen !
Bottom line : don't live by bread alone

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Three errors into which believers easily fall

Deut. 7:1-11

Deut. 7:1-11
Today's lesson is very important. The less we consider this lessons seriously, the more we distance ourselves from the blessing and grace of God. Therefore, we must study these words with all our heart.

1. Do not intermarry with pagans (1-5)

Here, the « pagans » were the inhabitants of Canaan, seven unbelieving tribes which did not serve God. In appearance, they seemed rich and friendly (Numbers 13 : 28-33). If our criteria for marriage is good living conditions, we will be ruined, just like Solomon's kingdom. It's foolish to think we could change the unbelieving husband or wife by bringing him or her to Christ after marriage (2 Cor. 6:14-18).
2. Do not act like the pagans (6-9)

We are a holy people that has received salvation. Therefore, we must not live according to the world in adopting the behavior of worldly people (1 Cor. 1:13-17).
3. Do not forget the grace and jugement of God (9-11)

In the life of faith, we sometimes forget God's grace, as well as his jugement of unbelievers. This is a mistake. We must experience grace and jugement as though they were close to us (2 Peter 3:12).

Prayer : Lord Jesus ! Since I have received your grace, help me to marry and live according to your will, and to feel the grace of the Lord, as well as his jugement, in my daily life.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Dt 6:1-15

When we read verses 11 and 12, we can understand that material wealth doesn't assure happiness in the life. The today text is rather about three principles that church house must respect.

  1. A family who loves God
The commandment of God to a christian home is that all the family must love God following his word during all the life. Then, God promises that your family will be mutiplied (4). What do you love most in your family ?

  1. The children's heart tied God's word (6)
Verse 5 says : « You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and will and your soul and with all your might » . It's the main verse of Deuteronomy, which means parents must print God's word on their heart.

  1. Teach God's word conscientiously to children
If we observe our church house, parents doesn't teach God's word to children. Even pastors are lazy for this task. But read verses 7 to 9. How much it's important to endeavour to teach God's word to children ?
If we follow these instructions, we can establish a chuch house blessed by God.

Prayer : Eternal Father, help us to teach conscientiously God's word to children.
Bottom line : The master of my family is Jesus Christ

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


July 19th 2016

Deut. 5:11-21

When believers see clearly the world God has created and consider its value with thankfulness, they realize that the world is truly a place to live. Let's look again at the 10 commandments, with thankfulness.

  1. Consider God's name as precious (11)
Don't use the name of God to nourish resentful thoughts.
  1. Keep the day of the Lord holy (Sabbath)
Work with all your strength during six days. The Sabbath is a day of rest and peace for the soul.
  1. Honor your parents (16)
In this way, your children will honor God and yourselves.
  1. Consider the life of a man as precious (17)
Don't kill.
  1. Marriage is holy (18)
Do not commit adultery. Do not think of flirting as normal. Virgins are only happy if they keep their virginity.
  1. Consider the possessions of others as precious (18)
Don't steal. Everything in this world belongs to God and to us.
  1. Love the truth (20)
False testimony deprives us of sincerity.
  1. Learn (know how) to be content (21)
Do not covet what belongs to others.

When we allow Jesus to live in our hearts, we can see the world with light. How happy would you be if you could see the world from this new point of view ?

Prayer : Lord, forgive me if I have badly used or considered this world that you created.

Bottom line : precious world

Monday, July 18, 2016


Dt 5:1-10

The order to keep commandments of God makes heavier the heart. But the today's text gives this lesson : it's important to have two kind of relationship between me and God before keeping his commandments.

  1. The personal relationship from mercy (1-6)
As existence precedes essence, mercy precedes law. We must enter into a relationship with God before observe the ten commandments. Moses emphasizes the personal relationship with God v 1 to 6.
-The promise between the Lord and me (6)
-The personal encounter with God
-works of God who gave me mercy first, etc...
Is your faith personnal or depends of other ?

  1. The absolute relationship of the Law (7-10)
When you feel personally God's love and receive his mercy, finally you have the obligation to obey his word. The commandments of God are absolute. Moreover, only God must be the master who dominates my heart (7,8). Read v. 9-10. It can't have other gods than God (7-10).
Prayer : Lord full of mercy, as you saved me, help-me serve you with joy.
Bottom line : mercy precedes

Saturday, July 16, 2016


July 15th, 2016   
Deut. 4:1­8   

When we see countries living in darkness despite their natural resources, we realize that it’s not  materials that make a country strong. This passage teaches us the true way by which a country  can become rich and strong.   

1) Observe the commandments of the Eternal God (1­5) 
The way of survival for the Israelites was to observe God’s commandments (1). We must not  feel the need to add to the words of God or be trapped into omitting difficult things from his  words (2). Historically, those who obeyed the words of God survived (4) and obtained the  promised land. The word of God is righteous (1 John 1:9) and true (2 Tim. 2:11­12). 

2) A wise and intelligent people (6­8)    It may seem stupid for us to live according to God’s words. But we will hear nations say we are  a wise and intelligent people (6; Col. 2:3) A country which is founded on the word of God rather  than on natural resources will become a conqueror of the world. It’s the same for a family or a  single person. A truly rich and powerful country, family or person is one that seeks wisdom and  knowledge in the word of God (7,8). Living in darkness with a lot of materials is not a  requirement for being rich and strong. Don’t be fooled!   

Prayer: Lord! I believe that you will help me not to look for treasure in the wrong place/    Bottom line: a truly rich person

Deuteronomy (beginning)


1. Background    The people of Israel now faced the promised land flowing with milk and honey. They were on  the banks of the Euphrates, but they also faced a great danger. After being delivered from  slavery and experiencing strict discipline in the desert, they were almost out of strength. Even  though Canaan was a land of dreams, it was also filled with enemies who frightened the people.  Their strong leader Moses would soon no longer be there. They had to follow their new leader  Joshua through the great difficulties ahead. In this future, despair and hope would cross like  flames of fire.   

2. The lessons in Deuteronomy    God taught an important lesson through Moses in Deuteronomy. “Deuteronomy” means  “repeated lessons”. The key phrase which is repeated is “serve your God”, the one who saved  you, with all your strength (Mark 19:30; Deut. 6:5). Enemies no longer pose a problem and  abundant blessings await. The lesson in Deuteronomy is focused on how to face our enemies  and on the importance of always serving God after receiving his blessings.   

3. The Content of Deuteronomy    The content of Deuteronomy is focused on the following lessons:  ­Not to forget that God delivered them from slavery (4:9)  ­God has given the promised land according to his promise (1:8­25)  ­Keep the love of God (5:11)  ­Listen well to the word of God if we belong to his people (7:7­11)  ­Offer in absolute faith the sacrifice on the altar of God (12:11)  ­Be purified from sin while keeping His word (8:5; 15:9)  ­God promises blessing (7­12)    Such things are considered as the pearls of Deuteronomy.   

July 13th, 2016   

Deut. 1:1­-18 
The people of God were now finishing their discipline in the desert so that they could experience  the love and blessings of God through Moses. Now they could enter into the promised land and  take possession. But we can also see here that there were still some trials to overcome.   

1. Now enter and take possession (1­8)    The number of Israelites had multiplied (11). The people took position on the banks of the  Euphrates (7). Their courageous leader Moses broke into the land of enemies. Do you hear the  sound of the army’s trumpets? God gave the land he had promised to Abraham, Isaac and  Jacob. But what lesson did Israel have to learn on the day of victory? (3­5)   

2. Big brother Moses said he could not carry the burden alone (9­18)  Victory is near, but there were a lot of problems:  ­The growing number of people (11)  ­The leader’s upcoming retirement (12)  ­Dispute among the people (12)    Moses said he couldn’t handle all these burdens (10). Victory is always preceded by problems.  But don’t be discouraged! There are always solutions. They were able to handle the tasks by  sharing them and appointing heads. How important these words are for our country and times.   

Prayer: Faithful God, you disciplined your people and granted them the promised land just as  you said you would. Help us to do well with your blessing.    Bottom line: the last trials precede victory.  

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Dt 3:18-29

Moses lived a life of suffering during 40 years in the desert to lead the Israelite people according to God's will. The only wish to a servant of God and a patriot was to step into a country following milk and honey. However, the Eternal God didn't permit him (26,27). Morevover, God transfers authority of Moses to Joshua. Through this event, there are some secret wills, among which there is something that we can learn. It’s the secret of true hapiness from God.

1)      You, valiant men, carry your weapon (18-22)

God demanded young soldiers to pass the river with arms ahead, because God gives us a promised country following milk and honey (18). Then God will give us rest (20). Do you fight up to giving your blood so that your descendants can rest ?

2)       The Eternal God says : that's enough (23-29)

Moses prayed to God with ardor to see the promised country for which he gave his life in suffering (23-26). The Eternal God says : that's enough. It means it's sufficient to do the mission of God, even if he will not pick fruits of his efforts. From now on his succesor Joshua will work for the mission (28).

Prayer : Eternal God, thank you for making me know that true happiness isn't harvesting fruits but it's recognizing the mission. Help the French to recognize this truth.

Bottom line : the mission rather than fruits

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Ph 4:14-23

The church of Philippi had difficulties inside and outside. Moreover, he had some points to improve. But, basically, it was a church that God likes. Shephered Paul give two reason.

  1. A church who gives (14-16)
The church of Philippi was the one who gave. When the apostle Paul started his travel of evangelisation in Macedonia, going all over Europe, the only church which take part in evangelisation of the apostle Paul with donation was the church of Philippi (15). Jesus himself said : « there is more happiness to give than to receive » (Actes 20:35).

  1. A church which receives (17-23)
The church of Philippi gave their doing mission of evangelisation with donation, instead of using it for their own church. This church received in abundance blessing of God (17). The church or the Christian that God likes is the one who do the mission of evangelisation. They received from God.
Prayer : Lord, give us your mercy, to the Christians of our country and of Korea, give a lot of donations to mission of evangelisation. As result, they make a church which receives in abundance blessing from God.
Bottom line : Does God like your church ?

Monday, July 11, 2016


July 11th, 2016


Phil. 4:8-13

The apostle Paul was proud to be a free man who could do all things in Jesus, his source of strength. We must also become free men who can do all things by clothing ourselves with the strength that the Lord gives, instead of becoming legalistic. In this section, the apostle Paul talks about two steps in becoming free men in the Lord.

  1. Think about these things (8-9)

To summarize, verse 8 means that we must discipline the thoughts of our heart. Men who wander without thinking—like bees or butterflies—are no better than microscopic insects. Men are as weak as reeds, but they are capable of thinking. Christians are the ones who discipline their thoughts. Do you discipline the thoughts of your heart in Christ ? Well-disciplined thoughts of the heart give birth to good actions (9).

  1. I have become truly free (10-13)

The apostle Paul thought and moved in the Lord, his source of strength. Consequently, he testified that he had learned the secret of adapting in every situation, meaning he became a man who was truly free. True freedom means triumphing and mastering each situation through the strength that comes from Jesus. Are you someone who reflects ? Do you think before acting ? Are you learning the secret of true freedom in Christ ? Are you a free man ? Or are you a slave who is attached to little things ?

Prayer : Lord, I have deeply understood what is true freedom in you. Help me to learn the secret of mastering and being triumphant in each circumstance through the strength of the Lord, by thinking in the Lord and by moving in the Lord !

Bottom line : Jesus is my strength !

Friday, July 8, 2016


July 8th, 2016

Phil. 3:17-21

Yesterday, in the text from 3:1-11, Paul warned us about legalists who appeared to be religious, and today, he warns us about perfectionists (12-16) and materialists (17-21). Here we can learn about the apostle Paul's attitude of faith.

  1. Forward with all one's strength (12-16)

There was a sister in her freshman year at university. She was worried because she didn't receive the same attention as the sisters in their sophmore year. There was also a Christian who no longer went to church because his pastor had just had a baby. Some people pretend to be perfect when, in fact, they aren't. In these two examples, both are perfectionists. The apostle Paul taught the cross and the resurrection of Jesus. He followed Jesus closely, like an athlete who strains forward with all his strength. This means he continually had an apprentis' attitude. It was the most admirable thing about the apostle Paul, and God also considered it precious.

  1. I now tell you even with tears (17-21)

There are people who only think about earthly things, even if they say they are believers (19). Their god is their stomach, and they glory in their shame. These people are materialists and ennemies of the cross. Their end is destruction. For these people, shepherd Paul pleaded with tears. Let's listen to Paul's tearful exhortation with broken hearts, and let's lead lives worthy of the gospel.

Prayer : Lord, I want to learn Jesus with all my heart. I want to hope in Jesus alone. Grant me your grace so that I can live a life worthy of the gospel.

Bottom line : Return to the heavenly kingdom, my native country

Thursday, July 7, 2016


July 7th, 2016

Phil. 3:1-11

In this world, a lot of people know that Jesus is the master of life. There are also many who want to gain Christ. However, they can't gain anything because they want to have Christ and the world. We must first gain Christ (Matt. 6:33). Then, we must desire the things that God gives as blessings. This passage teaches us how much Paul fought to gain Christ.

  1. Paul considered everything as rubbish (1-9)

Just as Christ abandonned the glory of the heavenly kingdom to save Paul (2:5-11), Paul, for his part, considered all that could bring him glory as rubbish (4-7). He also considered the hypocritical religious leaders as vessels of earth. Because they loved eating and drinking, their stomach was their god (19). They also seduced naive Christians, leading them to their destruction. Why did Paul act in this way ? It was because of the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus (8). It was because his righteousness came through faith in Christ (9).

  1. Paul desired to know the cross and the resurrection of Jesus (10-11)

The apostle Paul was a man who « learned » Jesus. He really wanted to know the life of Jesus, as well as the cross and the resurrection. Therefore, he wanted to follow the footsteps of Jesus to his death on the cross. And through death, he wanted to experience the resurrection of Christ. How much do you desire to gain Christ and know him ?

Prayer : Lord ! I love Jesus more than the perishable things of this world. Help me to love Jesus even more than before and to « learn » him with greater diligence.

Bottom line : To learn Jesus

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Philippians 2:19-30

The apostle Paul introduces two hidden servants and tells us to honor such men.

  1. I have no one like Timothy (19-23)

The aposlte Paul met Timothy in Derbe and he won his favor. The apostle Paul was in trouble ; he had to send someone to Philippi to explain his situation, and it was necessary for this person to transfer the Philippians' news to the apostle Paul. There was only Timothy for these missions. At that moment, everyone sought his own interest and not those of Jesus Christ (21). But Timothy had proven himself and he was special. He was like a son with a father, and he dedicated himself to serving the gospel. He was like one of the secular shepherds among us who work hard, though their work is hidden.

  1. Honor such men (24-30)

Epaphroditus was the one who brought gifts from the church in Phillipi to the apostle Paul. He was near to death after having suffered for the Lord. But God pitied him and saved him. Now, Paul has sent him back to Philippi and exhorts the Philippians with all his heart, saying « Honor such men ». These men didn't have high status, but they had the heart of Christ. Do you honor such men ?

Prayer : Lord, let me prove myself for the gospel like Timothy did ! Lord, grant me a sacrificial spirit like Epaphroditus. Give me faith so that I would have the heart of Christ and honor such men.

Bottom line : Epaphroditus was found faithful

Monday, July 4, 2016

The mind of Christ

July 4th, 2016

Philippians 2:1-11

Shepherd Paul underlined that we must love one another and be humble (1-4), since our Lord Jesus overcame the world through love and humility (5-11). Therefore, Jesus is equal to God (6). Moreover, Jesus abandonned the glory and authority of the kingdom of God for sinners (7,8). God has lifted his name above all names so that every knee on earth should bow at the name of Jesus. The extraordinary texts of the Bible contain these two messages.
1. Have the mind of Christ (1-8)

It seems, due to certain people, there were problems in the church, even though these people had been established through the gospel (1-3). Shepherd Paul encouraged them saying, « 'Have among you this mind which was also in Christ Jesus' instead of looking for problems and criticizing faulty people ».
2. Jesus who came and took on the likeness of men (7,8)

Jesus abandonned the great glory and authority of heaven and took on the likeness of men in order to save them, as they were under God's jugement.
3.Jesus lived as a servant

Jesus did not live like a king. Rather, he lived his life like a servant, like a slave. Moreover, he considered himself a servant (Mark 10:45).
4. Why God has highly exalted him (8-11)

Jesus humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. But God highly exalted him so that at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow, in heaven, on earth and under the earth. Thus, Jesus became the subject of praise and adoration for all people.

Do you have the kind of faith in which, if you lived with the mind of Christ, in love and humility, you would be victorious until the end, despite momentary difficulties ? Do you believe God will exalt you like he exalted Jesus ?

Prayer : Lord ! I shed tears without ceasing when I think about the love and humility of Jesus. I give all my thanks and praise to the Lord Jesus alone.

Bottom line : Jesus lived like a servant


Nb 32 :16-32

When they realized that they were stupid and irresponsible leaders, they confirmed that they will build cities for their children and that they will fight ahead of the Israelites. Then Moise warned them to fight before God.

  1. Let us fight before God
This promise isn't between Moses and the leaders, but with God. When mandkind is corrupt, it's very difficult to keep a promise before God. Say yes or no without lies requires prayer and training.

  1. Your sin will find you out (23)
This word is a warning. If you analyze the reason of this anguish among this people, we can notice that constantly they are stricken by sin. When they are in the grip of sin, there are bad habits and sin makes mankind suffer. As result, sin will be revealed. People think they have pleasure through sin but in reality sin is a big accuser.
Prayer : Lord, you are fair because you give promise and it is done without fault. It's a sin to not keep one's promise.
Bottom line : keep your promise before God