Friday, February 26, 2016

Dr. Samuel Lee's Daily bread (1971)

Pain Quotidien Vendredi le 26 2016

Luke 11: 37-54
 Jesus today criticized les hypocrites. If we are hypocrites, we can not avoid the reproaches of Jesus Christ. But if we keep our center of heart, we will be abundantly loved by Jesus Christ.
 As we have many self righteous elements, listen together and get through today's text a great lesson for us. We will reflect on some ten points and self righteous elements that can be found within ourselves.
 Verse 38, you are astonished by that others don't behave like yourselves. If that's it, you are self righteous. V39-40, rather than having the content of the Christian life, you may think that to show to others is more important. If so, you are self righteous. V41, don't you help others in formalistic way? it is self righteous. V42 rather than have the content, you put too much emphasis on the ritual. It is self-righteous. In the same verse, too little love of God in your life is shown, isn't-it? It's self-righteous. V43 do you think your church and your religion is best, you are self righteous. Haven't-you decide things you can't do yourself but you want others to do. (46) and reflect on v. 52, I forget the explanation. vv 53-54, do you love Jesus?
 Prayer: Lord, help us to listen with all our heart to your word as true Christian
 One Word: v. 39, Jesus sees the heart center