Monday, December 21, 2015

Samuel Lee DB (1971)

Daily Bread: 2015-12-20
Psalm 63: 2-12
At that time, King David was surrounded by lots of problems, but we can see here that in God David acquire the conviction to explore his future life. We must learn two reasons:

1) My soul has thirsts of the Lord
Surrounded by problems, instead of being crushed, David took a good disposition of heart; he did not let his heart, his soul, being carried away by the problems. Rather his soul yearned for the Lord and received joy in God, hope, conviction, as it gives water to those who are thirsty (2) or food to the hungry (6) refuge to weary travelers (8). His soul felt the strength in God. What is your fastest way to get away when you are surrounded by many problems of life?

2) He remembers the Lord on his bed (7)
For David and the soldiers, God was always a help. In early morning, David offered his prayer and before he slept, he remembered the Lord. We feel that David looked like a little baby hugged by his mother. The way of sleep was very peaceful. Do you remember the Lord like it on your bed?

Prayer: Lord, the more there are many problems for me, the more my soul longs for you, and the more I can find the strength that comes from you. Help me to always remember you on my bed

One Word: remember the Lord on your bed.

Samuel Lee's DB (1971)

Daily Bread: 2015-12-19
Psalm 61: 2-9
We are both sheep of God and shepherds who care for the weak sheep. Like this, the believers' life has a double aspect. This psalm tells us much about that the believers' life is to take refuge in the bosom of God on the one hand and desire to serve God on the other. Both passive aspect, and positive one. If we are believers it is very important to be properly educated in these two aspects.

1) David who takes refuge in God (2-5)
In this psalm, King David was in anxiety, sadness, distress and fear. At this crossroads of feelings he begs for help, the help of God. The rock means there is a place where he can hide when the enemy passes. The tower means the place from where one can see the enemies, place where the enemy can ever be destroyed. The refuge is where one can have fellowship with God. What is your refuge? What is your rock?

2) David vowed to serve God
David was not sitten down in worry, he testified that he fulfills his wish to serve God. Receive grace and give his heart to something else makes really miserable. After receiving the grace of God have you had the opportunity to make a vow to serve God?

Prayer: Lord, I eagerly want you to become my refuge, give me the ardent wish to serve you after receiving grace

One Word: when my heart is discouraged

Samuel Lee's DB (1971)

Daily Bread: 2015-12-18
Psalm 56: 2-14
This psalm was written when King David was prisonners of philistines in Gad. It is obvious that this Psalm was written on the crossway of feelings.

1. What can mere mortals do to me (5)
David was very active in his youth and a majestic body. It seems intolerable that he fell into enemy's hands as a prisoner. Moreover the enemies wanted kill him. They tormented him by word. It was at this time that David should have a lot of suffering. But he did not lose his confidence, "What can mere mortals do to me."

2. What can mere mortals do to me (12)
David had not lost faith in this suffering, (14) for "thou hast delivered my soul from death". He remembers how God helped him in the past. (8) David finds that God is helping him even now. We can look at verse 9, David still remember how God takes care of him. At that time, David does not need to be discouraged. So David concluded by saying twice 'What can mere mortals do to me.' 'He helps me walk in the light of the living.' (Rom 8: 28-39) The psalmist's situation and the situation of Paul are similar as in Genesis chapter 32: 46 where Jacob's life seems to be an unfortunate succession. But David concluded that in his life, "that can do mortals to me'. As the apostle Paul said, who is against us if God is with us. Who is in your heart?

Prayer: Lord, thank you for that you have protected your people. Anything in this world, no man and no difficulty separate us from the love of Christ. Help us to see this confidence in our hearts and experience a great deliverance of salvation in our souls.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Samuel Lee's DB (Summer 1971)

Daily Bread Thursday 17 decembre 2015

Psalm 55: 2-18
King David, seeing his confidant betray and rebel, inside of the King David was in trouble, he sighed to beg God. In this psam of prayer, we must think how King David was able to acquire peace.

1) If I had wings like a dove (2-9)
David wanted to have wings like a dove to escape, get rid of this complicated situation. But fleeing is a cowardly way. We must increase our strength to overcome the problem in God, facing it boldly.

2) May they go down alive to Sheol (10-16)
Exhausted, driven by his revenge and anger, David wanted these men go down to Sheol. Wish it could appear to be something natural, but revenge does not bring peace. Do not give your feelings to anger.

3) The Lord will save me
Amid this desire to flee and feeling anger, David let rise slowly voice of testimony that allowed him to believe in God. Knowing only faith in the salvation of God gives him peace, he came to entrust everything to God. Do you want peace? Strive to have faith.

Prayer: Lord, give us strength to overcome the problem in You. I know that revenge, anger and fleeing does not give me peace, I get peace in faith in You.

One Word: Faith gives peace

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Samuel Lee's DB (Summer 1971)

Daily Bread: 2015-12-15
Psalm 51: 3-13
King David committed adultery with the wife of Uriah his royal subject. After this event, he wrote this psalm with a broken heart. Although he loves God, David committed sin and suffer from its consequences.

1) King David wept for his sins
David has no intention to equivocate or to hide his sin, annd at every word he confesses his crimes, his sins, his sins. David confesses that he not only commits the sin against Bathsheba, but against God himself. What makes human life so sad? Money ? Or sin?

2) King David beg the forgiveness of sins
Think about the words he uses when he begs forgiveness of sins: wash, cleanse, purify. These are terms used in the lepers purification ceremony. King David, as lepers that he himself cannot heal its own forces, is asking for mercy so that he be clean. Sin takes wisdom (8).

3) David begs holiness
Now there is nothing that King David could ask, but the Spirit of God. But after he committed a sin does he have the right to ask the Holy Spirit? (John 6:37). What he needs is holiness. What really man needs is not passion, but holiness.

Prayer: Lord, do not reject me because of my sins but grant me the Holy Spirit, then I will not be sad.

One Word: King David seeks the Holy Spirit

Monday, December 14, 2015

Samuel Lee's CB (Summer 1971)

Daily Bread: 2015-12-13
Psalm 48:2-15
This psalm begins with praise the Lord who builds the walls of the holy city of Jerusalem and protect his people from enemies using the wall of the holy city, and finally the psalmist contemplate the love of the Lord. Through this text, we can learn two philosophies of the people of Israel:

1) The philosophy concerning our God
What God is described? The Jews believed that God is our God (v 2, 15) God is not abstract, or someone who exists somewhere vaguely. The Jews believed that God is their God who saves with love.

2) The philosophy that says that our God is the living God
The Jews had this philosophy that God is the living God, that is to say, it intervenes in the minute affairs, builts a vast and beautiful city of Jerusalem (9), it breaks the sea (8), he breaks the plot of the enemies and leads Israel into the way of life (15), it also establishes the plan to show Israel what path should be taken and who judge according to benevolence and righteousness (10, 12). For us who live in our generation, these two philosophies are needed.

Prayer: God, become my God, et become our God, and let me experience your power and love of the living God.

One Word: God is our God

Samuel Lee's DB (Summer 1971)

Daily Bread: 2015-12-12
Psalm 47: 2-10
Carried away by feelings, we must not sing the Lord by being ecstatic. If we observe what we sing, we find that we lack joy. It's more like a whimper. The psalm today teaches us why the people must sing with joy and gladness.

1) When we think of the Lord, the Most High
The reasons why we should joyfully sing the Lord are: - God is the Lord Most High who has the power and honor - God is King over all the earth - God reigns over the nations. We who have welcomed the eternal king, our praise and worship must be extremely warm.

2) Because the Lord has given us the earth as our inheritance
This great God to which all people must praise, has given us the earth as our inheritance (vs 4 and 1 Peter 2: 9). He submitted the peoples and nations to bend them under our feet. If God is with us, everything belongs to us (Rm 8: 32). Despite all these facts are there in your heart some anxiety or week and sad thoughts? If so, get over these things and praise the Lord.

Prayer: Lord, thou art the Lord, the Most High who has power and authority over all the earth, thy name is worthy of praise from all the people, make sure that in my heart I clap hands to praise your name each day.

One Word:: trample under your feet your sad thoughts

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Samuel Lee's DB (1971)

Daily Bread: 2015-12-10
Psalm 45: 1-18
Psalm 45 is the song that celebrates the marriage of Prince. But the marriage of what prince is not clear but if we see verse 7 which is cited in Heb 1: 8, we can consider him as JC.

1. Prince is beautiful
In this text, it is noted that he is the king, but as he is not married, he is a prince. Everything about him is beauty: speech, valiant, splendor, humble, pleasing appearance, charm (3-9) That such prince became my king, reign in my heart, o my soul, why you'd not lift the pen writes a poem?

2. The wife of Prince is beautiful
What a privilege to become the wife of such a prince. Most people are privated even from seeing afar a prince. But in the Bible, it is marked in several places that Jesus is the prince and the faithful as wives (Mt 25: 6). How it is a great privilege to be the bride.

Prayer: Lord, my husband, my prince, come with your beauty, come and reign in my heart. My privilege is unlimited.

One Word: Our handsome prince Jesus Christ

Samuel Lee's DB (1971)

Daily Bread: 2015-12-09
Give thanks to God
Psalm 44: 2-8
After living the life, no one will boast that it is by his own strength he had lived. Meanwhile, we recognize that it is God who helped us. In view of this, we give thanks to God who helped us.

1. The grace made once (2-4)
There are those who say that only they pass such tests. Around us we see that all tests pass. Sometimes tribulations succeed to the point that we do neither see before nor behind. But after the release of the test, we can not help to confess that it is through God that we got there.

2. Grace made now
Sometimes we complain saying that I alone who confronts such a difficult time. But would you want take vers 5 for your prayer and verse 6 for your ferm insurance. Anyone who pray and have assurance in the Lord who rescues without fail, may come to thank God. He can become the winner of the faith.

Prayer: Lord, you are the Lord who helped us in the past and always rescues us. At the thought of your name, my heart overflows with joy. Grant prayer and ferm insurance for me and help me remain in you.

A word: there is only the grace of God

Samuel Lee's DB (1971)

Daily Bread: 2015-12-08
Psalm 42: 2-12
People who see their material goods as God always have a regal air, while those who live with God, who love truth and justice, sigh. But the text tells us that as much as it is so, the people of God must sigh for God, as the doe slab.
1) Because of my memory
The poet because of her memory of the past of the believing, has his heart hurt. The sadness that struck him becomes abundant tears until he could not swallow his food. The thirsty soul (3) and doubt in the heart (12) become the sword that pierces the bone. But when you cross such an experience, we see blooming grace. So if man passes such experiences without faith in God, what's going to happen?
2) O doe
The poet said that through such experiences, the more time becomes difficult, the more he expects God. The soul in distress aspires to the Lord. The soul thirsting finally encounter the Lord God (Ps 44: 8).
Prayer: O Lord, as the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for you O God.
One word: experience of faith is the flower of grace

Monday, December 7, 2015

Samuel Lee's DB (1971)

Daily Bread Monday 07 decembre 2015

Luke 2: 40-52
As people of God, those who decide to give glory to God must learn two things through this text:

1) Jesus was accompanied by grace
The author doctor Luc says in verse 40 that the child grew, and strenthened himself and the grace of God was upon him. Grace is the most effective weapon to give glory to God. If someone leading a religious life, but if he lacks grace, we can not say with confidence that he is someone who gives glory to God. Examine yourself: Do you grow up to be endorsed by the grace constantly?

2) Jesus was accompanied by wisdom
Certains think grace is sufficient and pay all their zeal and love. We must strive to grow in wisdom. What is missing to most leaders of this country is this attitude to study the word of God.

Prayer: Lord, we have learned that we must continually grow in grace and wisdom, help us to grow day by day

One Word: Jesus always grew

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Samuel Lee's DB (1971)

Daily Bread Thursday 03 dйcembre 2015

Luke 2: 1-14
The writer Luke speaks of who Jesus Christ who borrowed the body of Mary and was born in the barn is and also what relationship there is between God and man.

1) Jesus was lying in the barn
The people of Israel was a Roman colony. At the order of Emperor Caesar each had to go to his homeland to be registered. Joseph, being the ancestor of David, had to go to Bethlehem, despite the signs of imminent delivery. Mary his fiancee had no place to give birth, she then laid his son in the stable. Thus the King of kings, Lord of lords was born in a lowly stable. The work of God begins with a manger. Outside of the only Son of God Jesus Christ who borrowed the body of man and born in a stable, we can not understand or think about God.

2) The joyful news received by the shepherds
The shepherds who spent the watches of the night to keep their herds suddenly received the news from an angel appeared to them: today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ. The newborn swaddled in a manger is the Christ. This Christ glorifies God and gives peace to mankind. It was the only person who could give glory to God and give people peace. Without this one and only Son so humbly born in the stable at Bethlehem, nothing can give us peace and glorify God. Apart from him, all the men are only men, worthy of little confidence and little credibility.

Prayer: Lord, now we understand the meaning that the Son of God descended so low, we believe that only this only Son descended into the barn can give us peace and glory to God. Please come into our hearts.

One word: Do you have in your heart a room where the Christ can stay?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Samuel Lee's DB (1971)

Daily Bread Tuesday 01 dйcembre 2015


Luke 1: 57-66
The main sens of today's text is the fact that parents have named both their child by nome of John.

1) Zechariah wrote the name of his son on a tablet
The term of pregnancy of Elizabeth came, she gave birth to a son, and all the neighbors and parents saw manifested the grace and love of God and rejoiced. At 8th day they were to circumcise the child, they wanted to give him the name of his father, but both parents insisted that the child was to be named John, as the angel had told them (1: 13). Jean's parents knew that even if he were their own child, he was to be named John in the will of God.

2) The hand of the Lord was with him (24-66)
From the very moment Zechariah wrote on the tablet name John, his mouth opened and his tongue loosed. As soon as this news was heard, they took to heart this fact and said "that will this child be? ". The author Luc doctor explained this supernatural fact by saying that the Lord's hand, that is to say the power of the Lord was with him. When everyone believes that the hand of God is with him, he can receive, accept the Gospel.

Prayer: Lord, make sure that there are many parents in France who accept that their children are God's children. Make us accept that the hand of the Lord is with us

One word: my children are the children of God