Monday, May 2, 2016

Bread Daily Monday, May 2, 2016

Ex 33: 12-23
As he promised, the Lord would give his people the land flowing milk and honey, but like their neck is stiff, he said he did not come up with them. By speech today, trying to understand how Moses recovered the heart of the Lord.

1. Moses looked over God's blessing (12-14)
God promised to give the Israelites to give every blessing (12), but Moise address a rather urgent request to the Lord. The content of this first is:1. God had given him the responsibility of leading the people well (12)2. The Lord God does not abandon His people (13)Reflect on why Moses looked over God's blessing.

2. Our big brother Moise seeks the glory of God more than the blessing
The LORD heard the prayer of Moses and said "okay, I will walk with you and with your people" (14) but the reaction of Moses is to request as evidence of this promise he would ride with them, the Lord manifest the glory. Glory means manifest. Moses besought the LORD he shows that he would ride with the people. A Moses who really wanted to see God, what God showed him? (23; Jn 1: 18)

Prayer: Lord gracious, thank you for what you're shown to Moses, would it only from behind, Lord manifest yourself to us, if only by behind.

A word: my glory (22)