Saturday, October 7, 2017

Abdias 1:1-21 (daily bread of 6/10/17)

Introduction :
We don't know about Obadiah's life. He surely belonged to Judas' tribe, because he concerns himself with the behaviour of Edom towards Jerusalem. The Edomites had benefited from the invasion of Judah and of taken Jerusalem by the enemy armies to turn against God's people, aggravate their misfortune and be enhanced with their corpses. For that, the prophet announces to them that they will be wraped in the general God's judgment towards all the Pagans, and Judah will be a tool of their punishment, when they will be restored in their possessions. While the nations will perish, Judah will become the centre of God's reign.
1. The insolence of Edom's heart (1-9)
Edom is a descendant of Esau, the brother of Jacob. He tooks possession of the mountain of Seir. Their geopolitical situation was invincible. Their rest, thaf is their emplacement, was considered like in the stars. Because of their wealth, their heart became arrogant, saying "who will make me run down up to the earth" (3b). But God says that he will punish him because of his arrogance. The arrogance is the beginning of destruction. God will send enemies to invade his country (1). The country will be deeply humiliated by their friends who will betray him. They will mock of him because he was had, they had misled him. In fact, God made of this very smart people a stupid people, taking off his wisdom. God is the formidable sovereign. God blesses who we wants, God curses who he wants.
2. On the mountain of Zion, there will be survivors (10-21)
Edom had a serious problem which was jealousy, when his brother Israel was invaded by the enemy and taken in captivity, he enjoys (12). They looked him ans looted his property. But God says that he will be judged ans deducted forever (10) because of his pride. The day of the Eternal God was coming (15). This day wasn't only for Edom, but for all the nations (15). All the nations will be judged for what they done. Everyone will be summoned to Christ's court to be judged about what he done good of bad in his body (2 Co 5:17). It's a condemnetion reserved to all the sinners of the world. Nevertheless, the final sort of God's people is luminous because God has reserved a special place for them. Israel will be safeguarded by God's mercy without suffering the common sort of perdition. Through the power of Jesus Christ's sacrifice, God decided to forgive them and saveguard the life of Christ's people. The territory lost by Edom and the other countries will be finally fully restored. Our God is the sovereign God who reigns on the world (21).

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