Monday, October 2, 2017

Amos 6:1-14 (daily bread of 02/10/17)

Key verse: 6:8b


The opulence of the greatest is unimaginable. The word tells us the reason for that. God feels disgusted by this. We must be vigilant when we are blessed. 

1. Woe betide those who live quietly (1-7)

The nobles of Sion quietly lived. The greatest exploited the poor and they rolled up on luxurious sofas. Those who lived in this way in Jerusalem and in Samaria were invited into the homes of the nations's greatest people. The greatest of Israel always begrudged the neighbouring nations. But they weren't very prosperous. They were already blessed by God, but without thanking God they begrudges others. The greatest of the country quietly lived. They thought that the misfortune of others would not attain them. Their lifestyle was voluptuous (4), and they were skilled musicians. They liked fine food. 

2. God's predicted judgment (7-14)

Because of their sins God will take them into captivity. The fundamental reason of this carefree life was pride. They received a lot of blessing but they never give thanks to God who is the source of blessing (8). They will be offered to the enemies by God Almighty, because God loathes this. God always loathes the pride of mankind. Unimaginable calamities fall on them. All the houses they were proud of are ruined, the small and the big. The dead bodies are used as fuel. The unrighteousness of the country is very great (10 c) so its prevents the people from calling God for help. They often flout right. The people are accustomed to bragging saying that their power is because of their own strength (13). I'ts a banal phenomenon when the heart of a man is proud. They don't attribute the power to God, but they attribute it to themselves, either their physical strength or their exceptional intelligence, etc. But God will not tolerate pride, he will come to judge and punish. Humility is the way of salvation and blessing.

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