Sunday, February 25, 2018

Psalm 47:2-10 (Daily 23/2/2018)

Key Verse: 47:2
The sons of Qore invite the people to acclaim God, for He is the ruler of the earth. They make Israel sing to the Lord, for He is special to them.    
1.     The glory of Jacob (1-5)
All of the nations must sing to the Lord God, for He is the Sovereign of the World. Everything comes from him and everything returns to him. He is truly strong and fearful, and He governs the world. All nations and peoples are God's creatures. They must sing to Him with all their hearts. As His creatures, there is no greater duty than to exalt the Lord God, their Creator. However, Israel has a special position among all the peoples of the earth. God made Jacob His inheritance and Israel was the special object of God's love. He subjugated the nations to His chosen people and He made Israel the object of His glory. 
2.     The Lord comes forward (6-10)  

Here, the Lord ascends into the midst of acclamation as a universal object of glory and honour for all nations. Moreover, the Lord God is a living, working and moving God. He thus moves on. When the Jewish guards came to arrest Jesus with their sticks and weapons Jesus step forward and said,"I am he" . After being crucified, he was resurrected and he ascended into heaven. There he sits at the right hand of God's glorious throne. Jesus saved his people completely from the yoke of sin. Above all he works hard for his people. He walks with them in the midst of sea and fire. Therefore, it is natural that his people raise their voices and praise his name and his unchangeable love. He is the Sovereign of the earth who rules over the nations. However, he gathers the princes of these nations together to submit them to God's people. God had called Abraham and made him blessing for everyone. God gives these nations to His people as a heritage as He did during the time of Moses.

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