Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Psalm 44:2-27 (Daily Bread 20/2/2018)


Key verse  44:2
Once again, this psalm is a song of the sons of Qore. They praise the Lord God with their voices and their instruments . They want to praise Him for His works in the past, which their fathers told them.
1. Our fathers told us about it (1-9)
The psalmists raise their voices to exalt the name of God who saved their people in the past. Their fathers told them that. It was through God's mighty hand that their enemies were cast into the pit of death and the abyss of the sea were there is only darkness. Thereafter, the psalmist who barely had any strength left, was revitalised and he exalted God for this marvellous restauration. In memory of this, they exalt God as they recognize that it was only by His strength that they were able to fend off their enemies. All of their weapons are useless if God is not with them. They thus want to exalt the name of God wholeheartedly throughout their lives. He is their king who protects them, and in whom there is no need to be afraid, for He covers their enemies with shame. They lift up His name every day.   

2.     However, you have rejected us. (10-27)  

After the time of exaltation, comes the time of the abyss and suffering. This time is very painful, for it seems that God has totally rejected them. They grumble when they say , "You do not go out and fight with us anymore". It makes the people dishonorable, an object of mockery. He lets them suffer the stigma. However, during this time of pain when it seems that the psalmists have nothing to do, they cling on to one thing. They keep the past in mind and they be wary not to sin as they fear God's judgement. Paul quotes verse 23 in Romans 8:36 when he speaks of the love of Christ from which no external force can separate us. Evil men keep throwing stones against the righteous. However, the love of God is unchangeable for His people. The psalmists cry out to God to come and save them. God's people have the right to claim salvation, saying ," Arise, Lord, for you are righteous." He cannot wait to rescue us.

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