Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Isaiah 24:1-23 (daily Bread of 13/2/2018)

Key Verse  24:1
Isaiah had a vision of the end of time. It has to do with the fate that the whole world will suffer if it goes deeper and deeper into apostasy. Isaiah spoke of it before he spoke of the judgment on Judah and Israel.  
1.     The Lord will devastate the earth (1-13)
God destroys and depopulates the earth. There is no consideration of any person; He is impartial and judges all categories of the population (2). It comes from God who judges the world because of its wickedness. The earth is defiled by the sin of the inhabitants. Due to their disobedience, the earth is tired (5). The earth is cursed. God's punishment falls upon the inhabitants who are eaten away by their guilt. There are only a few left. The wine that must delight the hearts of men ceases to do so. Joy changes into the breath of suffering. The sound of music with the tambourine and zither ceases. The fact that joy disappears from their hearts is a premonitory phenomenon of hell. God's judgment will strike the earth like boiling olives. This would put the earth in great confusion.
2.     The cries of joy (14-23)  

However, those who remain will raise their voices to sing glory to God. All over the earth there shall be songs proclaming God's glory and honour, and the righteous shall be honored. However, the prophet totally fell into depression because the current situation is more than catastrophic. He shouts,"I'm lost!" The inhabitants are engulfed by fear and anguish. The crash, the pit and the net chase after them. The torrential rain and the earthquake come after. The land is wobbling with the crimes of the inhabitants. Once ruined, it doesn't get up again. This vision refers to the second coming of Jesus. When Jesus comes on the cloud, he will judge the fallen angels and also the mighty of the world. As Satan is chained by God and waiting for the last day, all those who follow his path will share the same fate. They will be imprisoned for a little while, after which they will be eternally punished . Then the glory of God will shine forth, and all the stars will lose their brightness.

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