Thursday, February 1, 2018

Isaiah 8:23-10:4 (Daily Bread of 26/1/2018) 


Key verse 9:5 

Isaiah speaks about how the light suddenly appears out of the darkness. It's the that Emmanuel will come, God will be with us and He will shine all over the Earth as He delivered from sin. However, the people's situation is very dark.

1.     He sees a great light (8:23-9:8)
Emmanuel is planning the new time. The time of the disciples (8:16) is in allegory the time of the Church. It comes without fault; it is the true Church that is established. But the worshippers of the world make the wrong influence, so that more and more people leave the community of God and the church empties itself. Isaiah says that the judgment against Israel was imminent. In this situation he looked up and looked at the distant future where people will be fully delivered. The nation where people were scattered will again be filled with the inhabitants. Especially there will be joy everywhere. It is because the inhabitants will be forgiven for their sins. These have struck them with their backs cruelly night and day, but the blood of Jesus will save them from sins compared here to the mantle rolled with blood. V. 5 describes the Jesus child par excellence. Whatever baby, he's Counsellor, mighty God, Father and Prince.     
2.     God will judge Israel (7-20)

The people of Judah were extremely arrogant in tempting God (5:19). Here, the arrogance of Israel was no less than Judah. Then the enemies of Israel will triumph over the sovereignty of God. It will be swallowed by enemies. But this defeat comes from God who is angry with them because of their idolatry. Yet, in spite of this fierce and devastating wrath, God will not take away his wrath, for the people will not return to God who strikes. All classes will be punished. God's compassion will be exhausted, for all have become ungodly and wicked. The wicked will burn like fire, then the wrath of God will be kindled. The famine sent by God will be so great that we'll eat the arm. Social injustice through discriminatory legislation will be more than unimaginable. There will no longer be any loopholes for the final judgment. Yet they will not repent or think of returning to their God.

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