Saturday, February 10, 2018

Isaiah 22:15-25

Key verse: 15-20


Isaiah fortells of political change in the country, especially in the upper administration. Two leaders were alternated, though God reveal His will in this passage. The future of the country depends on the behavior of these leaders.

1. Shebna (15-19)

The first person is called Shebna, the palace governor. He was an ambitious man, but all that he did served to dig his grave deeper, just like Haman in the story of Esther. In abusing his power, he built his own gallows. All human exploits prepare a suitable grave. A famous author wrote, "I am disgusted with myself. I have only to return to my chapel, where I have a tomb and six seats." God will throw this corrupt politician away like garbage, like something insignificant. He was gaged and killed, though he had magnificent chariots and personal wealth. In the end, he was shamefully chased out of office. The Eternal God judged and chastised the wrongdoers.

2. Eliakim (20-25)

In place of the corrupt Shebna, God established a different person. This man seemed to be good. God gave him absolute power, fine clothes, and above all, the key to the city, so that no one would open or close it without his permission. He established him securely and he became the pride of his family. All the tools, large and small, of the royal house were annointed by glory. However, this glory was fundamentally human and not divine because this man did not seek glory for God, but rather for his family. The end was tragic. The peg will be taken away and beaten. The responsibility given by God will also be taken away. The end of wrongdoers is frightening. We must all serve in our God-given functions with fear and trembling. Otherwise, we will fall like these two bad officials.

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