Friday, February 2, 2018

Esaïe 15-16 (PQ de 2/2/2018)


Verse Key 15:1
Ch 15:16 talk about the judgment on Moab. However, here we can see that an intense divine sympathy is ready to lighten the judgment. Moab was related to Israel (Genesis 19:36f), and particularly to David (Romans 4:17;1H 22:3b). But he had nothing in common with the faith of Israel. And he appears in the Old Testament as a bad influence (e. g. No. 25) and an inveterate enemy.
1.    In one night the judgment will fall down (15)The judgment will pass very quickly. Moab that was rich and prosperous will become a desert. It will happen in one night. Ar-Moab whose locality is uncertain but Qir-Moab, certainly the capital of the country will disappear in a single blow. The inhabitants will go up to the house of their god, but he will not be able to do anything. They'll lament when they shave their heads to mortify themselves. But it will have no effect. They shall be clothed in sackcloth and mourn the mercy of their god. But he'll keep quiet. The warriors will lose all their courage. God, seeing this, and seeing the people fleeing, will have mercy on them. The waters will be dried up and the severe famine will come. Then there will be blood from the massacre.
2.   Moab will appeal to Israel (16) 
Moab was easy to remain "in the rock." like a dove making its nest. But God will overthrow the nest to make it seek the best refuge in Zion. God gives His people an exhortation when Moab asks for help. Then the throne of Israel will be strengthened and he will welcome the Moabites as refugees. Moab's problem was pride. His country was abundant, especially the precious grape variety full of ramage represents their abundance. But because of this, the country became proud. But God will strike the land, that it may be reduced to very little (14). This will happen in the very next three years. The cries of joy and happiness will disappear at the same time as the disappearance of the harvest, because of the devastation of the vines. But God, because of their kinship with Israel, shows mercy to this people until the bowels tremble for Moab, like a harp. He was idolatrous, so he will pray in their high places, but their god will keep silent.

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