Tuesday, October 2, 2018

QT - Ph 1:1-11


Key Verse 1: 9 

This word shows us the way and the content of Paul's prayer. Paul had some urgency because he was in prison and was waiting for his death. But his prayer is so calm and so reassuring. 

1. The one who started his work is faithful

 First, Paul greeted the faithful Philippians by calling them saints and wished them abundance of grace and peace. Then comes thanksgiving. Paul's heart was filled with grace because of God. The large heart comes to desire grace in others. We must be filled with the grace of God in the thought of his work in us. Paul was in prison. But his heart was so wide. The beginning of God's work for Philipi had been through the opening of a woman named Lydia. He was very weak, but Paul's assurance of salvation for the Philippians was stronger than a rock. It was not because of the current favorable condition of the sheep that he saw the future as prosperous. But it was because of his firm faith in God, which he saw as well. Moreover, he knew that if anyone prayed, God would not abandon him, hence his perseverance. 

2. Paul's prayer topics 

 Paul's love for the Philippians was very sweet. He came from Christ. The Lord had so tenderly visited him and opened his eyes to see the kingdom of God. So, he wanted the Philippians to be filled with the love of God and grow up more and more. Unconscious love is likely to become sentimental. Knowledge without love is intellectual and dry. So Paul prays that they balance these things. Then, he asks that God give them the discernment of the important things in order to prepare for the day of the Lord. In this moment according to the flesh, we think that this or that is important. But it's an illusion. When we have the Holy Spirit, we see things correctly. Then we must seek to please not men, but God, bearing fruit inside and out. Then God will be glorified and our life too.  

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