Saturday, October 27, 2018

QT - 1 Corinthians 2:1-16 (Daily Bread of 26/10/2018)


Key Verse 2: 4

How does Paul testify to having preached the word to Corinth? (1-5) What is the wisdom of God to which he testifies? (6-9) How can we know the wisdom of God? (10-16) These are the topics that Paul talks about this text.

1. The princes of this century do not know the wisdom of God (1-8)

Even the great men and princes of this century do not know God's wisdom. That's because it's mysterious and hidden. Therefore, the ignorant people, who didn't know God's glory crucified him (8). One cannot believe in Jesus with one's wisdom because the message of the cross can only be learned by through the Holy Spirit (1). Paul, a former philosopher, knew him better than anyone else. He decided to only depend on Jesus Christ during his service. Paul preferred to be weak because through his weakness, Jesus manifested the power of God (1:25).

2. God's Wisdom Revealed by the Holy Spirit (9-16)

Only the Holy Spirit can help us to know and believe in the wisdom of God (4:10). Through the unique power of the Holy Spirit , we can come to believe in Jesus as our Savior. Through the Holy Spirit alone, we can correctly recognize and understand the Word of God. It is as if someone knows another person through his own spirit (11). There is a big difference between the natural man and the man of the Spirit. The former knows nothing about spiritual realities and cannot judge anything. However, the latter knows these realities and can judge everything. Therefore, he is superior and can instruct the ignorant world. The thoughts of Christ come from the Holy Spirit. Thus, we must not fear the wise men of the world, for we are the teachers of the world.

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