Thursday, October 11, 2018

QT - Isaiah 28:1-29

key verse: 1


In today's passage, we learn about the end of those who have pushed God out of their hearts. We can learn a lot from the history of Israel in the north and the kingdom of Judah in the south. 

1. Judgement on the proud (1-13)

The leaders of northern Israel were drunk. They were not watchful in the time of emergency. The ability to discern was eroded and sinful desire grew. Where God had been pushed away, pride increased. The crown of the drunk would be crushed, yet for the rest of the people, God would place a glorious crown on their heads (5). The leaders of southern Judah despised the lesson they could have learned from northern Israel. They too became drunk, and their faith and moral criterion eroded away. They were deluded regarding their own power over the people. They did not listen to the prophets and ignored God's word. They turned away from God, the source of true strength, and lived in falsehood. They would soon be led away captive and forced to listen to people of a foreign tongue (11, 13).

2. The great wisdom of God (14-29)

The prophet reproached the leaders of Jerusalem. They were proud and the cause of this was their rejection of God's word. Instead of seeking God, they took refuge in Egypt. It was stupid to leave God, the rock of salvation, and seek Egypt instead. Both themselves and Egypt would be destroyed. The so-called "wisdom" of those who have left God becomes a nightmare. The prophet cried out, proclaiming God's wisdom. If agricultural techniques are successful, it is because God has taught us to do so. At harvestime, there is a special method for each type of grain. If there is wisdom to be found in agriculture, it also exists in the areas of politics, economics and history. Human wisdom cannot beat God's wisdom. When man makes God the center, the foundation of his life becomes rock solid. 

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