Thursday, October 11, 2018

QT - Philippiens 4:10-23

Key Verse 4: 13
In this epilogue, Paul expresses first of all, according to the main term of this epistle, his overflowing joy from the sacrificial life of the Philippians, and then his faith based on his trust in God. 
  1. I know what it is to have plenty (10-13)
Paul's source of joy was that he saw the Philippians' interest in him flourishing. It's like a flower coming out of a dry land. What a wonderful grace to see brothers and sisters taking care of each other! And to see the flock take an interest in their leader! Paul did not consider it as a merit, but as a grace. Paul was old, he was a prisoner, and he was far from them. It is said that :  « Out of sight, out of mind ». But his flock of Philip never forgot their grace. Paul's philosophy as a servant of God is centered on the life of Jesus. It is characterized by contentment and strength, despite a situation of deprivation. In his devoid and overwhelmed situation, he constantly took the strength that came from God. No obstacle is too much big to overcome it. Once God strengthens us by seeing our faith, we can win any trial of our lives.
  1. May God bless you according to His mercy (14-23)
The Philippians' faith was manifested by their sacrificial life. In Thessaloniki, Paul had already received twice the material assistance from them through Epaphroditus' hand. Their example in material management was more than influential, and it is such a hilarious subject in this world so individualistic and selfish. Paul was very happy with it. Indeed, Paul was not dependent on any material support from the outside, for he knew that God was providing for all his needs. But his heart was so moved by their interest in him that he wanted to respond to this profusion of love of the Philippians with his prodigious blessing. Man's happiness does not consist in having a lot of money but in seeing the abundance of heart in his fellow men, like the flowered garden. 

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