Friday, September 28, 2018

QT - Esther 8

Key Verse 8: 8
The small judgment on earth is the shadow of God's last judgment which will take place on the last day. What will really happen on the last day? At that time, there will be a great contrast between unbelievers and believers. Haman's sentence speaks volumes.                    

1. The villain will be completely destroyed
The risk that Mordecai and his people faced came from the mere fact that they believed in God. Their enemies were waiting for their execution day. However, how did the situation turn around? The misfortune that they had been waiting for so eagerly fell on them. The people of the world live and mock God. They conceive wickedness towards God and His people. However, they will not enjoy what they have been waiting for. We must strive to preach the good news to our friends and sheep in anticipation of the irrevocable judgment day that will fall on the unbelievers. We must pray for them so that instead of living a stupid life like a time bomb, they will live in fear and tremor before the sovereign God of history.

2. The child of God gets the eternal prize
The day of God's judgment is the day of salvation for God's people. To this day, the people were allowed to take revenge on their enemies by killing them and even looting their property. Verse 17 tells us that the Jews were respected and that even some Gentilles became Jews . On judgment day , God's people will be greatly rewarded. Even if we are despised and mocked now because of our faith in Jesus , there will come a day when we will be rewarded because of this faith. Therefore, for believers,  judgment day is not a day of terrible destruction, but a day of joy and gladness. That is why, we can live life joyfully for God without being intimidated by this mocking world, . The value of our life is not defined on earth, but by what will happen when we stand before God. Therefore, let us live our lives with a clear eschatological vision.

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