Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Psalm 68: 2-36 (Daily Bread of 3/7/2018)

THE RIGHTEOUS, CHEER UP Key verse 68: 7 This is one of the most beautiful psalms and it commemorates the procession of the ark brought from the house of Obed-Edom to the city, the house of David. 1. The ark walks with God in the desert (1-19) Here is the story of the procession in which the Ark was taken from its temporary shelter (Obed-Edom) to its permanent home in Jerusalem. This journey is compared to the path of Exodus (8-11). The enemies are overcome by the power of the Lord. Only the righteous rejoice and rejoice at the arrival of the ark of the Lord, the pledge of God's protection. This historical event presents several names of God: God (2), Eternal God (5), Almighty (15), Lord (20), Eternal Lord (21), etc.. Meanwhile, God establishes women as powerful witnesses, as a powerful army (12). God established Mount Zion as the headquarters for the battle (17). 2. He is our salvation (20-36) The ark in the road is a powerful testimony of the Lord's deliverance. On the way, he formidably exercises His power over the rebels. They must run away. Our God is the God of salvation (20,21). Despite the overwhelming macabre details (24), God guarantees that He would grant His people victory. At the the ark's arrival the crowds sing joyfully and raise their voices to exalt the Lord God, His greatness and goodness. These crowds are all descendants of Israel (28). Then, the people pray to God 1) to be continually the source of their strength (30), 2) to retake Egypt, the animal of the reeds and to repress the herd of bulls with the calves, that is, other neighbouring peoples (31), 3) to disperse all the powerful belligerent enemies who would make Israel pay tribute (31), and 4) that the reign of the Eternal be consolidated unceasingly and spread to the whole world (32). Worship will win all the kingdoms of the earth (33-36). Such prayer is dreadful.

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