Monday, July 9, 2018

Genesis :1-12 (Daily Bread of 6/7/2018)

In the beginning 
Key verse 1: 1
The premise of creation is written in Gen 1:1. Everything begins with God who created everything aprat from nothing. Genesis is a book about the origin of things and lives. Darwin wrote "Origin of species. His book had many shortcomings, which he himself acknowledged.  God is the origin of all things. Let us study Genesis carefully to build our faith of creation. This Book also speaks of the work of redemption begun by the patriarch Abraham.       
1. The premise of creation (1-2)
In the beginning God created the Heavens and Earth. God the Creator is all-powerful. In the beginning, the Earth was formless and empty, and a great disorder reigned, but from this emptiness and disorder, God created fullness and perfect order. This premise is the foundation of the Bible, and the unwavering axiom of Christians, that makes them strong and solid. In the beginning, the Spirit of God hovered over these disorderly matters as well as the darkness i.e. the total absence of light, as the hen covers the chicks. It was at this moment that God, in the Holy Trinity, breathed His exciting breath revealing His will to create a wonderful world. This means that where the Spirit acts, the new creation is made. In every man, where the Spirit acts, He can create life and light.  
2. First 3 days of creation (3-12)

The creation can be divided according to days. First, light is the environment for the subsequent days of creation. For the new life, we must receive the light of God, which His Son would one day bring to the world. Then God created the firmament, dividing the water above and below. It was the atmosphere that protected the world from the sun's ultraviolet rays. It is indispensable for man and other creatures. Then, on the 3rd day, He created the Earth by pushing back the sea water and by creating the vegetation. Man can now feed himself in abundance in taste and colour. All these things were good to see. Our God is the God of order. He is the God who is concerned about mankind. 

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