Thursday, July 12, 2018

Genesis 3:16-24 (Daily Bread of 12/7/2018)


Key verse 3: 24

God proclaimed the prediction of the Gospel so that when man found himself in desperation he would believe in His promise and be saved.  Sin had certain consequences, but God kept up the hope of restoring man.   
1.  God curses the world (16-19)

God curses all evil actors one by one.  First, the woman who had listened to Satan, was cursed by having the very painful birth.  Her desire will be carried towards man.  Then, the serpent that was used as an instrument of Satan's evil.  Satan was cursed by his future event of Jesus' resurrection, by which he will crush his head.  Then came man.  Although he seemed innocent, the reason for his curse was the fact that he had listened to the voice of the woman, rather than the voice of God.  Evil entered into the World, said Romans, because of him.  God withdrew abundance from the earth, so that he had to work for 3 meals a day by the sweat of his brow.  God will send His Son to save man from the consequence of sin.  All that believeth in him shall not be condemned nor confounded, but justified.  Through this story , we learn that we must listen to the voice of God, rather than the  voice of man.

2.  God kept the tree of life (20-21)

Eve's name means the mother of all the living.  Adam named her with some regret.  At first, because of the shame, the man became unaccustomed to being naked.  God shed the blood of an animal, to clothe man and woman, and hid their shame.  In the midst of the  torments of sin, God never ceased to show His love towards man such a visit, promise and new habit.  However He had to drive him away, lest he live in a state of eternal decay, which will be the most unfortunate.  During life, as he was defiled from sin, man remained outside the Holy Ki
ngdom of God. The time is coming when God's kingdom will be restored.  This is only possible through Jesus, the Redeemer.  God prevented access to the way of life, but did not destroy it completely, so that everyone might come to it by faith in Jesus.

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