Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Genesis 2:18-25 (Daily Bread of 10/7/2018)

Key Verse 2: 18
The Garden of Eden was installed, man received his mission and God's commandment. All the conditions for his happiness were fulfilled. However, God instituted marriage for a certain purpose.     
1. It is not good for man to be alone. (18-20)
Unlike the first chapter, it seems that Yahweh of chapter 2 was really interested in man. He did not specify the time of creation of the other animals. He only formed them when Adam needed a mission. Then,, He put the animals into couples for procreation. Man's situation was different. God created Adam as a bachelor to whom He gave the mission. Apart from his initial mission, here he had to name the animals. It was God's gift to him. This God is truly the God of love. God not only created man and knew that he needed a mission as a creature at the top of the ecosystem, but he was also interested in his feelings. He therefore said his loneliness wasn't good. Yet this observation was not according to human understanding, but according to God's will. Adam named all the animals, without getting tired for the moment, but God knew that being all alone he would soon be tired. God wanted to create his partner, that is, someone who could help him accomplish his mission.

2. God formed the family (21-25)

Man's existence is not primarily about getting married and forming a family. God's mission for him comes first. Man did not know when his counterpart was created because he was consecrated to God an trusted Him. God's divine mission was enough for him. Yet God's view was that his solitude was not good. He thus decided to create a counterpart for Adam. God lulled Adam into a deep slumber. He then removed one of his ribs,  and added flesh to it. In this way, He created the woman. The woman was so  beautiful, that Adam was amazed at the sight of her. She was made from man's bone, so that both were one. This unity holds the World together. They are so pure and healthy that they are intact from sin.  

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