Friday, June 29, 2018

Psalm 64: 2-11 (Daily Bread of 29/6/2018)


Key verse 64: 11

The French often say, "Listen here." It's to get people's attention. In the Bible God frequently says to the Israelites: "listen to me" to say that we must not forget His works.  The psalmist uses this expression to beg God not to forget the voice of the just.

1.  O God, listen to my voice.  (2-7)

The faithful in Israel believed in the power of God.  At the same time, they knew that God was had a merciful heart towards His people.  The psalmist used the word "listen" (Schema) to beg Him to save him from the present danger.  He knew that God would save him from his inextricable craze.  Now the situation that the psalmist was in had become very critical.  The thought of the plot already sprung up fear in him.  His fear was even greater given that he knew his enemies awaited to lay an unannounced attack on him
  Moreover, they hid their intention and  appeared to be friendly and intimate. This made the situation more perilous.  Their weapon of destruction was their sharp tongue.  It is the venom of murderous aspic.      
2.  The righteous rejoice in the Lord (8-11)

When the psalmist prayed to God, God answered him.  He knew that God would save him from all dangers lying in front of him by making the enemies's own arrows fall on their heads.  Our God is just, He makes justice reign by His own defensive means.  However, here, God is going to retaliate in exactly the same way that the wicked did through unannounced attacks.  When they are defenseless and nothing is planned, God will suddenly attack and defeat them.  Their own words will come against them.  Then all men will bear witness to these works by saying that they came from God, before fleeing.  Then God will restore joy to the righteous, for they become sad when they see injustice dominate.  They will rejoice to see righteousness return to mankind.

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