Thursday, June 28, 2018

Psalm 61: 2-9 (Daily bread of 26/6/2018)


Key verse 60: 5

David was in front of the enemy.  In the abatement that visits us, this psalm teaches us how we can overcome it.  He began by praying.    
1.  I dwell in the temple under His wings.  (2-6)

David was a king, a warrior, and a musician, but above all he was a man of prayer.  His prayerful attitude had not change since he was the shepherd of his father's sheep.  He knew that he was a weak man who could not stand without God's help.  His heart was shot down both by his enemies and his relatives who raised their heels against him.  In a state of disappointment, he would have preferred to leave the world and climb up and up.  That way he could forget everything and rest in peace.  However, he realized that the best place is the temple, the tabernacle of God.  When he entered he felt God's sweet presence and joy and ineffable happiness returned to him.  It did him so well that he wanted to stay there forever, far from the cruel world.  There he communed with God, his rock, his refuge and he reassured himself of the heritage reserved for the God-fearing people.  In His church, we can have the same experience (1P1:3,4).

2.  David decided (7-9)

David prayed in the temple, so God visited him personally.  God never abandons those who pray to Him and fear Him.  He listens carefully to our requests and answers us.  After receiving God's answer, David forgot the overwhelming situation.  From his inner self emerged the assurance of victory.  He thanked God, then gave him his heart's decision.  First, he decided to rule the country according to God's law, for as many days that God would have him live.  He therefore prayed for life longevity in order to be a good instrument of God for his people and for his country.  For this he prayed that truth and kindness be revealed to him.  Then he also decided to sing the glorious name of God during his life.  This is the purpose of one redeemed by God.  Finally, he decided to fulfill his vows day after day.  God listens to the vow, but man makes them.

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