Monday, March 5, 2018

Mark 9:30-37 (PQ 2/3/2018)


Key verse 9:31
Today's word teaches us about the second proclamation of Jesus' death and resurrection, and disciples' desire to become great. This desire is not necessarily bad, but in this context, it was not appropriate.

1.     Jesus announces his death (30-32)
Jesus departed from the area north of Caesarea of Philip where there was the mountain of transfiguration, and passed through Galilee. It was his native land, but Jesus behaved anonymously. After receiving Peter's confession that Jesus is Christ, Jesus began to say that he must be put to death and be resurrected on the third day. For whatever reason that Peter did not accept this, which revealed his immaturity, Jesus scolded him and realised that the time to announce his death and resurrection had come again. Yet, despite the message repeated in this way, the disciples did not accept it, or rather they had decided not to accept it. They were torpored and paralyzed with fear. They were even afraid to question him (32).     

2.     The greatest (33-37) 

Jesus had just announced his death and resurrection. Given the seriousness of this matter, the disciples should have had a very serious posture and asked themselves questions about it. However, their questioning was not of this kind, they were wondering, a journey that milled together with Jesus, who will be the greatest. They always had this sense of comparison with others. Then in the house Jesus began to teach about true greatness among men. Men seek to be great from the point of view of wealth, education, ability, etc.. However, true greatness is that someone serves others. Here, the conception of true greatness is totally at odds with what is the greatness of the world. If someone serves someone else, people will neglect him, but from God's point of view, he is the great one. Jesus gave the audio-visual teaching through a child. People neglect such small existences, but it is precisely through them that greatness flows. The one who serves as a small task, God will give him the responsibility to govern ten cities. The disciples had to repent of their desire to be great, especially since Jesus was about to face death through crucifixion.

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