Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mark 14:1-11 (DB of 22/3/2018)


key verse: 8

Today's account tells how Jesus received annointing from a woman. Jesus gave this memorable moment meaning. Judas was a traitor who betrayed Jesus for a few pieces of silver.

1. The woman poured the ointment over Jesus (1-7)

The cunning Jews were looking for a way to kill Jesus. They always used plots in order to eliminate their enemy without trace or proof. As hypocrites, they were instruments of Satan, and they were themselves devils. Jesus entered the home of Simon, whose purpose was surely tied to this tentative. Then a woman appeared from nowhere, with a flask on her shoulder. She was so determined that they could say nothing. She approached Jesus, broke the flask and poured all the contents over his head. His clothes were covered in mucous and he could have been very annoyed. This nard-filled alabaster flask represented the woman's dream of marriage. Yet, she broke it without sparing in order to bless Jesus who had saved her from all her sins. The others complained about the price of the ointment, going so far as to criticize her. Yet, Jesus saw things differently and praised the woman. This woman was full of devotion and engagement. Above all, she knew how to reciprocate grace received from God.

2. Truly, wherever the gospel is proclaimed. . . (8-11)

Seeing her actions, Jesus honored the woman through the spread of the gospel. In a word, she was a protagonist of Jesus' redemptive work. She simply responded to his grace, and God, who knew her humble and sacrificial heart, wanted to raise her to the level of protagonist in his story. If we bring our sacrificial offerings, God never neglects them, but honors them in his redemptive work. Sometimes the offerings are poor, but God knows the heart and lifts up every action for him in memory of the gospel. Our preaching on the campuses and one-to-one Bible studies are our offerings of great value in God's eyes. Judas did not understand this sacrificial life for God. His philosophy was "every man for himself" and he followed Jesus to improve his status and achieve his own dream of a messianic kingdom in Israel. He finally turned his back and became an enemy of God. 

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