Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mark 11:1-10 (Daily Bread 9/3/2018)


Key verse : 11:3

This part is called Jesus' the triumphal entrance. Whatever we do, the way we enter is a great sign to indicate what would happen next. Let us study how Jesus humbly entered this city , even though he is the one who comes in the name of the Lord. Why is his entry triumphant?    

1.     Say: The Lord needs it (1-3)

Jesus called 2 of his disciples and commissioned them to prepare the entry into Jerusalem. Their mission was to bring a colt so that Jesus could ride on it to enter the city. It was a test of faith for the disciples, for they had to detach an animal of burden from another, which was theft. However, Jesus said that the owner would let the animal go when they said,"The Lord needs it". Yet it will be no less difficult to follow this direction, because they would have to detach the animal as if they were going to steal it. In this case they would just have to believe that what Jesus said was true and that the people would let the animal go as he said. In any case they left and experienced faith through their obedience. This event teaches us that Jesus is the ruler of the world and everything on earth. We also learn that whatever it is, if we do it by faith, Jesus will bless it. Therefore, let us listen to the word of Jesus, however unreasonable it may be, because God always blesses the one who obeys his word unconditionally.

2.     Hosanna, blessed be...! (4-10)  

When Jesus went up on the colt, the people gathered around him and began to shout: "Hosanna, blessed be he who comes in the name of the Lord." Hosanna means, come save us. Jesus is the one who saves us. He can save us from our enemies, but what he truly saves us from is the yoke of sin.Sin is  like a club that keeps knocking on our backs. However, when we come humbly before Jesus and lay down our sins with a contrite heart, he saves us from all injustice and makes us pure and healthy. In the past we were sold to sin, but now by the blood of Jesus poured out on the cross, we are redeemed and healed of all our sins. We are saved from our sins and we are heirs to the kingdom of God. From Satan's slave, we become beloved children of God. On the other hand, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, Satan's head will be crushed. Hence the name "triumphant entry" for this part of the beginning of the passion. 

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