Saturday, March 10, 2018

Mark 11: 11-26 (DB of 10/3/2018)

Key verse: 22


Today's account describes the moment when Jesus cursed the fig tree. He uses this moment to teach about faith. Let's learn the true faith that Jesus teaches and clothe ourselves with this faith so we can be victorious in our lives and missions.

1. May your fruit no longer be eaten (11-19)

After the triumphal entry, Jesus visited and examined the temple. Jesus is the Creator of heaven and earth. God made the temple so that people could worship Him there. Jesus left the temple, and while walking out of the city, he saw a fig tree. Being hungry, he looked for fruit. Since it was not the season, there was no fruit. Jesus then cursed the tree, saying that never again would people eat from that tree. This curse seems unfair, since it was not the season. However, Jesus wanted to show the future of the nation of Israel, which had not fulfilled its mission. This mission has no season, just as Timothy says to preach in season and out. The tree is a creation and its purpose is to satisfy man's appetite. In the same way, the temple is created by God to be a pleasant house which bears fruit. However, in becoming a den of thieves, it lost all purpose. It was supposed to be a house of prayer for all nations, but Israel and its leaders lost this purpose. He who has lost the meaning of his existence becomes an object of curses. Jesus, overwhelmed with anger because of the corruption in the temple, turns over money tables and releases the animals.

2. Have faith in God (20-26)

The disciples were troubled because the fig tree had been dried to the root. Peter exclaimed, "Rabbi. . .!" It was frightening to witness such a scene. Peter was astonished, not because the tree had wilted, but because of the power of Jesus' words. He wanted this same power in his mission and in life. Yet Jesus says this kind of thing can never happen without faith. Jesus says, "Have faith in God". It is said that prayer is the measure of faith. So, if we have faith, we can pray. While praying, we must believe that our requests are accepted and answered. If we pray by faith, a miracle occurs. But before praying, we must forgive those who have sinned against us. Prayer is not a rite, but a personal relationship with God.

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