Thursday, March 8, 2018

Mark 10:17-31 (Daily Bread 6/3/2018)


Key verse 10:21
The word of this morning teaches us the way for mankind to reach the kingdom of God. Many have the desire to do so, but few recognize the path. This path is far from an easy life. 
1.     You're missing one thing (17-27)
When the young man came to Jesus, he called him "good master." Jesus says that only God is good. Jesus is God, he is good. He is full of kindness, so he sacrifices his body for us. The goodness of God is great but hidden, but the goodness of Jesus, Son of God, is concrete and tangible. Man must accept his goodness and give himself to him. This young man was adorable, for he kept all the commandments from his youth. He was so pleasant that Jesus loved him with all his tenderness. He was really perfect in appearance, but inside there was no faith. Jesus told him to sell his goods and give the price to the poor. But he refused because he had a lot of good. He went away sadly, therefore, Jesus said that it is easier for the camel to pass through the needle hole than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Man cannot divide his heart between wealth and the kingdom of God. The disciples could not easily accept this fact because of their material and selfish desire that remained in them.  
2.     Jesus comforted the disciples (41-51) 

Jesus saw that the disciples were perplexed. If it is so, who would enter the kingdom of God. But they didn't know what sacrifice they made. If a rich man sold his material was difficult, for them too, abandoning the family was also difficult. But they didn't know him. So Jesus comforted his disciples. When Peter claimed that he had left everything, Jesus recognized him and appreciated his sacrifice. The same was true for all the disciples. Truly, they have abandoned everything, even their most intimate members of the family, their wealth, even if it is so small compared to that of the rich young man. Still, it was quite a sacrifice. It was for the name of Jesus and His glory that they did all this. Some of us have abandoned their families to gain the citizenship of God. They are great before God. Jesus says that if they did so, a reward is given to them in heaven. They will also receive persecution at the same time, but their reward will be much greater: new home and new family, and finally eternal life. 

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