Thursday, November 1, 2018

QT - 1Corinthiens 4 :8-21

Be my imitator Key Verse 4 : 16 Paul defends himself for his apostolate before the "cozy" Corinthians. These are the dangerous people because by pretending that they stand up alone without needing any help, give the wrong influences within the church. 1. You are satisfied (8-13) The Corinthians had already arrived, while the apostles were struggling. These pushy people thought that they already reigned with Christ. The struggle of the apostles in the midst of the hostile world was unimaginable. However, they did not respond to evil with evil. They always bless those who curse them. They faced the difficult physical condition so that they serve the work of God. These "cozy" spirituals thought they had obtained the reward only on the condition that they believed in God, so they became the made men, without having to pass the trials of life. In fact it was only a spiritual laziness. The value system of the Greeks consists in despising what is weak: such as acts of blessing others, to bear up the situation, and to console others. But the apostles chose to be so, as sweepers and discarded. 2. Be my imitator (14-21) Paul was the spiritual father of the flock of the Corinthian church. When they committed the sin, Paul regarded them as his own children. It was because of his shepherd's heart. The father wants his children to grow up well. Paul tells them to be his imitators. Who says that among men? But that means that for him preaching and practical life must be concordant. Paul always lived a life without reproach and his life was a perfect example of how to live before God. The problem of the Corinthians was speech in profusion but actions in air without exercising power. Paul was sorry for their condition and he wanted to correct them. Knowing that the power of God comes from obedience. These carnal humanists never obeyed. The word without power is only a pure fantasy. He who has the kingdom of God comes when the preacher has power.

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