Friday, January 26, 2018

Isaiah 4 :2-6 (Daily Bread of 19/1/2018)


Key verse 4:2
Isaiah's eyes turn once more towards the distant future wherein all the people of the Earth willcome to Zion (2:2). During the restauration of Israel the country will regain all of its honour and the people will rejoice and give thanks to God.
1. The Lord's sprout (2-3)  
In that day the Lord's sprout will rise up. This sprout is actually a prophetic symbol of Jesus Christ. He will come to restore humanity from its fall. God's mercy and love made Him send the Christ to us. In similar fashion God will restore His people because of He is merciful. However like a recurrent theme we can see that there is a line drawn amongst the people. It does not separate the Jew from the Gentile but rather those who will be obedient and those who will be rebellious. Those who remain faithful to God will receive His blessing as they will return to Him. God will be their objet of affection and to them He will be glorious and magnificent. They will bear many fruit.
2.God provides a shelter  (4-6)

During the period of captivity God's wind will blow. This breath of wind is the Holy Spirit aand He will create a new people. However, He will also destroy the wicked (4b). God will train His people so that they will be purified from their wicked ways. They once proud and vain girls will become pure virgins. It's by God's grace that this idolatrous people will become His holy people. The Chr C’est la grâce de Dieu que le peuple idolâtre devienne de nouveau le peuple saint. The Christ changes man into a new creature. In like fashion, the Lord will make a cloud of smoke for the night and one of fire for the day in order to lead His people back to their country. On their way back from their captivity they were afraid but they need not fear as God is He who guides us by these clouds of smoke and fire respectively. This reminds id of when God led the Israelites to the promise land in the desert. God, the one who is so glorious and once hidden, revealed Himself to be their guide and protection. He guides us night and day and He protects us from all evil like the broiling sun, storms or rainfall. Come and repent before Him. God will make you a glorious people.

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