Monday, January 8, 2018

Ephesians 4:25 - 5:2 (daily bread of 8/01/2018)

Key verse: 5:2


Paul lists some virtues that we must acquire to become Christian. Then, he urges the faithful to be imitators of God. How the very imperfect creature can become an imitator of God ? 

1. Some virtues to imitate (25-32)

It's surprising that some faithful in Ephesus stole and lied. But it was the reality of the church. The Church is stranger, according to the words of a nameless Christian, there is full of fights and disorders in the bosom of the Church. That happened when the faithful didn't fight with God's word to obey it. All are sisters and brothers in Christ, so we must to love one another thinking more about their interest than our interest. Then, anger is an evil which prevents the Christian to bear fruit. The Christian must control it, but as we are in the weak flesh, it's easy to run wild to our anger, because we are naturally irascible, but even if we feel angry we musn't sin. We must make up before sunset. Otherwise, we will easily become a prey of Satan (27). We musnt' unfarily covet the possessions of one another, we rather must honestly work to earn our living and give to the needy people. Finally, we must not grieve the Holy Spirit. 

2. Be imitators of God (5:1-2)

The faithful are called to grow in their faith up to stature of Jesus Christ. To grow we need an example. God is our perfect example. We must imitate his attributes like love, peace, patience, goodness, etc. God so loved the world which was very hateful because of his disobedience that God gaves his only Son to save the world. We must above all imitate Christ's love. Christ had received all kinds of mockeries on the cross, but he remain silent because he wanted accomplish God's will to salvation of the sinners. So he has given himself to God refusing joy that was proposed to him and he became fragrance and sacrifice that found favor with God. We must imitate this Jesus up to become a sacrifice of ramson to the lost sheeps. So God abundantly blesses our to be a precious instrument of salvation of several persons. 

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