Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Luke 4:1-13 (Daily Bread of 27/5/2018)


Verse Key 4: 2

At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus was led into the desert and tempted by the devil.  He was baptized by John, and after this he was tempted as a symbol of the starting of his ministry. 
1.  Man will not live by bread alone (1-4)

After his baptism, Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit.  It came down like a dove.  It was totally peaceful. The Holy Spirit also comes to put the power of God on him. John says that he is the consoler, but he is also God's powerful weapon who works with the Word of truth. God knew that He had to doubly strengthen John so that he could inaugurate his mission which is God's fight.  Jesus came to save sinful mankind from the hand of Satan who had tried in the beginning all the earth, stirring man's heart to rebellion and disobedience.  Then the devil tempted Jesus through the problem of bread.  Man is very weak before this first material need. Jesus clearly said the truth and this is that man cannot live by bread alone, but by the word of God that comes out of His mouth.

2.  You shall not tempt your God (5-13)

The second temptation is glory and wealth.  If Jesus bowed down and worshipped him, he would have given him all this. Jesus rejected it with these words: "It is written.  It is easy for us to fight the enemy Satan with our own intelligence, but if we fight him with our own strength, we are doomed to failure.  Like Jesus, let us use our words in battle.  The third temptation is the human desire to tempt God.  Man justifies his sin under the pretext of God's protection.  It's a very dangerous thing for a spiritual life.  We have to give it up. Jesus won over his temptation and gives anyone who confides in him victory over demons. Jesus defeated 2000 demons at a time to heal a man possessed by
demons.  Jesus casted out 7 demons that were in Mary Magdalene.  Call at him, he will give you the power to cast out demons within you and others

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