Friday, April 27, 2018

Deuteronomy 20:1-21 (Daily Bread of 28/4/2018)

 Key verse 20:5
This text talks about exemption from military service. However, it is not the dispensation of service by illness. God also explains how to carry out a siege.
1. Let the cowards go back home! (1-9)
God says that when we enter the country and fight the enemy, we should not fear tthem. When the battle time is near, the priest gives the people inspiration saying," The Lord will walk with you and fight with you. Do not weaken, do not fear, do not be afraid, do not be frightened. As the President of the republic said in the American Congress, "fear does not build, it weakens and paralyzes." That's right, we have to overcome fear before we fight. The officers will speak and say, "all those who are fearful, all those who have family concerns go home." (5,6,7). They'll also say, "All those who are afraid and lack courage, go away!"
2. You will siege the far cities (10-21)
God gives very concrete instructions regarding combat. There will be a distinction between near and far nations. It will be necessary to ban the near nations, for they  commit horrible practices before God and God decided to judge and destroy them. This act is needed so that they will not teach Israeltheir horror. As for distant nations, a distinction will be made between submissive nations and rebellious nations. The latter will be destroyed, while the former will be subjected to tribute. The Israelites will spare the women, children and the fruit trees in the destroyed cities -  what sin would they have committed they, when they will be rather useful to men - but on the other hand, they will kill all the men. They will cut down the other trees so that they can be used as building materials for the entrenchments.

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